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X-Rated Bloodsuckers by Mario Acevedo
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Katz Meow hires vampire private investigator Felix Gomez to investigate the death of fellow porn star, Roxy Bronze. Once Felix informs the Araneum (the vampire council) of the nefarious goings on of the LA vampires, they authorize Felix to infiltrate, find the missing Araneum agents and destroy the nest. Of course it's not that easy. There are many many conspiracies involving politicians, preachers, realtors, surgeons and even a non-profit organization at the heart of it all. Feliz has to dig through all the bull to really find out who killed Roxy and why. This of course is closely tied to the vampire community because apparently vampires are horny buggers.

This isn't as bad as the first book but not a series I would continue. It is just too crude for my tastes. Felix is having a conversation with Veronica and thinking thoughts like these: Veronica could nosh on me while I munched her rug. This is not an isolated event either, Felix is just a pig. As a woman I found comments like this offensive and unnecessary to the plot. This is obviously a series written by a sex-crazed man, writing for the male population. With series titles: The Nymphos of Rocky Flatts, X-rated Bloodsuckers, The Undead Kama Sutra and Jailbait Smackdown, I guess you get exactly what is, sex, sex! There is definitely a plot woven within the many sexual encounters but the gratuitous sex has absolutely nothing to do with the plot.

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12/07/2011 page 1
0.0% "I've been putting this book off because I disliked the series first but I need an "X" title before the end of the year so I have to read this now. UGH!"
12/07/2011 page 125
34.0% "thankfully much better than the first one."

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