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Pulse by Kailin Gow
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Jul 27, 11

did not like it

Kailin Gow has some really good books like Frost or Wicked Woods series, but i found i couldnt finish this book, infact i couldnt get past the first chapter. i know your probably thinkin if i didnt finish the book why write a review? Well im writin this because this book's firt chapter was bad, and from what i read from the other reviews with thee spoilers, i know i wouldnt be able to finish.

So for one of the many thins about the first chapter that bugged me was that it was a mess and it was detailed. The second thing that bugged me was kalina was a bitch, When she was talking to Aarons half brothers she kept pointing out all his bad flaws and kept saying "He was a drunk" or when Stuart, Aarons half brother said he knew Aaron loved her very much, the first thing she said was "no he didnt he was only seventeen he didnt know what love is", i sat there thinking wow bitch much? and then she would say im sorry i didnt mean to be insensitive, umm yes you did! The third thing that realy mad me mad was she acted like he wasnt dead, i mean she claim to love him but there was no really saddness in the chapter she only cried twice. These are only three things about the first chapter that bugged me, but there are a lot more. So for those who reaad this review i suggest you try some of Kailin Gows other books, and hey maybe you'll like this book so try it if it sounds like something you'll read.

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