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Born to Be Wild by Catherine Coulter
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Jul 27, 2011

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Read in July, 2011

I absolutely love Catherine Coulter...but I was somewhat disappointed with Born to be Wild. The story starts with an attempted murder, or so it seems. Because there was one credible witness and the target was a famous soap opera star, it becomes a high priority case. The thing is, there isn't much of a stalker story to it. Other than the attempted hit and run, there is a threatening phone call and nothing else from the 'stalker' until the end when the 'stalker' is revealed.
There is a lot of talk about being stressed because of the stalker and people are surprised how well Mary Lisa is holding up...but the concern seems disproportionate to the actual threat.
Then there are several things going on at once. We jump from Mary Lisa at work on the soap, at her Malibu home, at her Oregon home...etc...There are several subplots going on and none of them really pull you in. They all seem to be rather glossed over but not fully explored. Just when something starts getting interesting, it jumps to another part of the story and you never pick back up where you left off.
Then there are the parts that are mentioned that are never brought back up or explained. What is LouLou's real name? What did Mary Lisa's mom have to say when she called at the end?
The family of Mary Lisa would fit nicely into her soap opera story. Hard to believe that a family would really be that way for such small matters. And finally, the reason behind the stalker is weak.
I enjoyed the book 'well enough', but it isn't one I'll re-read. Would I recommend it? Possibly, but only if someone is looking for a light, fluff type book for by the pool...
If you haven't read Catherine Coulter before, don't let thing review stop you from reading her other work. I absolutely love her other books!

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