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Jul 22, 08

Recommended for: Everyone

Bearing in mind that I am not Catholic or Jewish, I find that the Bible has a great deal to say about how to live life. be good to yourself, be good to your neighbor, and ultimately have Faith. What more can you say? Most of the precepts taught in it can be applied to anyone's life without bringing religion into it. Why do I need religion to tell me to not lie, cheat, steal, or kill? Why do I need religion to tell me that if I treat others with respect I will get respect in return? No matter your particular religious beliefs, a great deal can be learned about how to live from the Bible.

That said, I will also admit that a great deal of it is outdated. What do you expect from a book written by a Patriarchal society in the ancient world? Getting tattoos and keeping pork in the same fridge as your milk aren't offensive in God's eyes, they were merely extremely unhealthy things to do at the time. In a world without fridges, anti-septic, and general good hygiene, these things could lead to disease and death. Of course their forbidden by the Bible, which at the time was also the codified law. It's no different than being required to be healthy for a week before donating blood in today's world!

So read the Bible, learn what you can from it, but keep in mind that times have changed, we're in a new world with a new society that doesn't mesh well with the ancient civilizations of the Bible. The some of the stories contained within are historical accounts, but some are also just stories, used to teach the people of the day how to behave in proper society. If you keep that in the back of your thoughts, I'm sure almost anyone can become a better person from this book! Just remember: Divinely Inspired but Mortally Edited.
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message 1: by Abdu-aziz (new)

Abdu-aziz Have you tried to see whether Islamic (Quranic) teachings accomidate the Bible principles
Sorry. you have not

message 2: by Robert (last edited Jul 22, 2008 06:40AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Robert Once again, let me say that I am neither Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim, and I have learned many things about how to live my life from the Bible.

That said, you are right, I haven't looked into how the Bible meshes with Islamic teachings. I also haven't tried to read the Torah, or the book of Mormon, or of Scientology. Would I like to? It would definitely be interesting to see other religions takes on morality. The reason I haven't is without the cultural background, would I understand where the Quran, or the Torah even, are coming from were I to sit down and read them? I don't know.

I can't believe that the Quran teaches the basics much different. Do not kill, do not lie, do not steal. Are these taught differently in your culture? I'd like to believe not, but as you have said, I've not looked into it, so I may be wrong.

If your holy book, no matter the faith it represents, teaches you to be good to your fellow man and to have faith in some higher power, then I fail to see where the difference is anything other than semantics. And to my knowledge, Bible, Torah, AND Quran all teach you about the SAME God. Can they really be that different?

And by all means, please respond back to this. I am interested in hearing what you have to say on the subject and on what I've said. In fact, if ANYONE wants to comment on this, I'd welcome it.

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