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Never Been Witched by Annette Blair
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Jul 27, 2011

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Destiny Cartwright has two weeks without her sisters and their husbands pairing her with the insufferable Morgan. She intends to spend it hiding away in her sister’s lighthouse searching for her psychic mandate while Morgan and everyone else are off in Scotland. When she does a spell to find her purpose she doesn’t expect to have two ghosts and an angel arrive. She also doesn’t expect to run into the close minded debunker she’s trying to avoid in the lighthouse. When she learns that one of the ghosts is Morgan’s dead twin Meggie and it’s up to her to make him remember she knows she can’t walk away as much as she’d like to avoid the sexy insufferable man. With only one bed in the lighthouse there’s no avoiding him either. Can she make him remember what he needs to in order to help his sister without getting hurt in the process?
I did enjoy this book, however like the previous book I reviewed in this series I felt the sex scenes weren’t clearly written and I kept getting confused on what was foreplay and what was sex because in some scene it seems like they had sex before starting foreplay and I feel pretty stupid having to say the read like my head was spinning a bit leaving me not really sure what was going on except that the characters were doing something to each other. I don’t have a lot of confusing moments while reading so it’s frustrating to read a book with scenes that I don’t feel are written with clarity. It also includes the characters psychoanalyzing each other with again I think it not only boring but a bit of an insult to readers who should be able to figure things out by the characters thoughts, statements and behaviors rather than the characters being spelled out by the other in conversation. Also while the book is a trilogy it leaves an open ending as to what Destiny’s purpose is and how Morgan is a part of that as well as point to possible changes in Morgan’s mother, or at least an ability to hear the ghost of her own child but never lets us see fully how she reacts to that. I also didn’t like that we never get the wedding scenes in any of these books, not even as an epilogue except where we say portions of Harmony’s at the beginning of Storm’s novel but it wasn’t really the same since there was little focus on the actual bride and groom. Additionally it mentions that Morgan’s psychic but his psychic abilities are shown once in a vision Destiny has of him as a child blaming himself for not sharing and then glossed over in a final scene which includes no description of the vision and not even really a paragraph of attention. Yes after that he starts to see the ghosts that Destiny has been seeing, however Blair made this big build throughout the series about Morgan being a psychic who denies his abilities because of his faith but then offers no real follow through. Additionally, I felt there were age inconsistencies in this novel. King is 37 during his novel Sex and the Psychic Witch during which he said he had met Morgan when they attended high school together but during this novel which occurs months later Morgan turns 31 and I’m wondering what high school has that many grades in it. The fact that the three men basically attended school together gives the impression that they’re all approximately the same age but then Morgan turns out to be considerably younger than King and who knows how old Aiden is. I feel like by the time Blair got half way into this trilogy she wanted to move on from the Salem Witches she introduced us too, but since she committed she rushed through the stories without paying attention to her own details or offering shown characters attributes and clear scenes. I may be wrong about this, but based on how the quality of writing diminishes between The Accidental Witch in the first related Trilogy and Gone with the Witch in the middle of this trilogy which doesn’t get better during the final installment of this trilogy I can’t help but come to that conclusion. The book is a decently written light hearted paranormal romance which includes some humor though not nearly as much as the previous installment in the trilogy. I enjoyed reading the book and I liked that she managed to give equal attention to the paranormal plot as to the romance; however I wouldn’t really call this a stunning conclusion to the series, more like the weakest link in the series of books. The romance was there, but the spark wasn’t as spicy as in the other novels. I did find it intriguing that she introduces a male virgin in this novel, however I will say that based on Morgan’s behaviors in the other novels the idea that he was a virgin came as a complete shock. Before this novel the character acted as experienced with woman as his friends but when this novel open he’s all of a sudden a virgin. Now they did offer a reasonable and believable explanation for this, however his lack of experience I feel should have come through in other novels as well as this one. Another thing in Storm’s novel it read like Morgan was chasing Destiny and she was the one running because he mocked her beliefs but in this book it sounds like Morgan was the one turning Destiny down while she chased him. The spin was interesting but at the same time the story itself seems to contradict previous novels in the series. The book was a fast paced and quick read, with an enjoyable story that I think would have been better as a standalone title rather than connected to the trilogy because of the contradictory elements from previous novels.
Most of the characters are away during this novel so the focus is on Destiny and Morgan who are well developed characters though not as gripping as Storm and Aiden of the previous novel. Cameo appearance are made by Storm, Aiden, King, Harmony, Reggie and Jake but for the most part not long enough for them to really have personality as characters. Jake probably had the longest scenes in which his character who is supposed to be like three became entirely unbelievable. I’ll buy that he might be talking better, and since they’re calling him baby Einstein he’s probably reading. But I don’t care how brilliant a three year old is they are not going to be giving historically accurate tours of Salem to their friends from their car seat nor are they going to be really interested in the details of boy girl differences. I could have bought him as an advanced six year old character, but as a three year old give me a freaking break. I know that Blair likes to feature children in her novels, however she’d have done better to skip it on this one rather than to basically put an adult personality in a three year old body. The ghost however I felt were interesting additions as characters and Meggie was probably the most memorable of any character within the book.
Overall the book was okay, not great but I did enjoy reading it. I might have had a higher opinion if I hadn’t read Blair’s previous novels but over all I feel pretty let down as a reader when I compare it to those. I would recommend it to reader of contemporary and paranormal romance, but I would say rush out and buy it, more you might like it because Blair is a talented writer.

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