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Hereafter by Tara Hudson
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Jul 27, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: accepting-yourself, romance, ya-fantasy, no-go
Recommended to Kelley by: I sadly did this to myself
Recommended for: Romance addicts
Read from April 17 to 21, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

I'm disappointed.

Hereafter gets no love from me. Big old goose egg. I'm disappointed, to say the least. In the very beginning we get full swing into the action, but I was still skeptical and I could not put my finger on what exactly was bothering me.

After continuing I found out quickly what it was...romance. I mean Great Scott, is that all books are good for now? No, the answer is NO. Romance is great, it should be something that we get in addition to the excellent story and well thought out plot. It should not be the driving force. Seriously romance, get out of the front seat and let something with more substance take the wheel.

Everything is set up in the biggest, most cheesiest manner possible. This book was pure sap. Joshua is the perfect dream boy, that can do absolutely no wrong. Amelia is the love struck teenager that truly believes her life/afterlife should really revolve around a living boy. Also, I have to say I think Amelia is a coward. I know that may be harsh but seriously why are you so afraid to know who you were. She disgusts me and so does Joshua's perfect star shinning life.

Of course this book is set up so there is going to be a sequel or a series, who knows, but I do know that it should be a pure waste of time. There should be a warning label on books like this, saying "If you have an allergic reaction to bull fairy-tale romance, RUN NOW!" I would have respected that, but I am so done reading books where everything is thrown away for a significant other, whose emotions for one another can only be described as puppy-love, and even that may be to deep for this "romance."

The romance starts out as such...
At that moment his eyes opened.

He looked to the left and the right, taking in his surroundings. Then he looked at me. He looked right into my eyes.

I froze. Could he...see me?

He smiled, and then suddenly reached out his hand to place it upon my cheek. I felt his skin, warm on mine. Without thinking, I put my hand over his. His smile widened when I touched him.

He did see me.

He saw me, he saw me, he saw me.

My still, unbeating heart soared. And then so did his.

That is the very first time they meet, underwater I might add, because he is drowning, although, for some reason the boy has a momentarily unlimited air supply.

I guess the very beginning should have been my tip-off, but I bought the book, and had heard such positive things that I pushed through, and so did the sappy love story.

I would really recommend adding flaws to these characters and add more interesting factors like a real villain instead of a boring bad guy that can only be described as an annoying flea. I mean, I would agree he had a sadistic mind set, but what did he really do in the present? NOTHING. All the bad stuff the guy did was in the past, and he tried to recreate the past (lack of imagination) and that didn't even work out for him. He was a front, a fake, a fraud, he wasn't scary. And don't even get me started on the bible wielding Ruth. OH WELL. The story didn't grasp me, it didn't have enough quality in the characters, and the story in general. I read the entire book and nothing was there that could qualify as a legit reason this book was phenomenal. I would give it zero stars if GR would let me.

I wish luck to everyone that wants to read this. Maybe it wasn't for me because others have given this book such a high rating and that may have made me expecting too much from it. But no matter what this book was too cheesy for me, I came out of this book feeling lactose intolerant.

Sorry if you enjoyed the book. Just had nothing for me.

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