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Damned by Chuck Palahniuk
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Jul 27, 2011

really liked it

Chucky P did a great interview with Kerri Miller from Minneasota Public Radio about this book, the podcasts were on itunes - not sure if it is still there. It was part of the talking volumes series. It was more serious but still funny than the appearance I saw at the Trizzle a few years ago in conjunction with "Snuff."

His mother recently died and he wasn't able to mourn via the Catholic Church as his family had left it in the 1970s for I'm sure lots of valid reasons but he said they sort of threw out the baby with the bathwater, losing a venue to cope with death as well.

So, he decided to write a book because he missed his parents but instead of a non-fiction book about a middle-aged man missing his dead parents, he wrote fiction about a dead teenage girl missing her parents. Oh, and she is in hell and maybe she shouldn't be there.

I know this book is not in the YA part of the bookstore but I think it can fit the genre, there are some adult themes I haven't read about in the maze runner or hunger games but I think it works pretty well.

I personally believe this is his best book since "Rant." And he's never written a series but this book says, ...to be continued at the end of it.

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