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The Widows of Eastwick by John Updike
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Aug 02, 11

Read from July 27 to August 01, 2011

Picks up 30 years after Witches of Eastwick left off, the witches, now widows are far from Eastwick. Jane the least likable slutty one in CT, Sukie, the young, slutty one, in MA, and Alexandra, the old slutty one has gone the farthest, Taos, NM. Alexandra (by way of Updike) has a very east coast relationship with Taos, marrying a "cowboy potter" who creates his own versions of Native American pottery and most of her sections read like the intro to a NM guidebook. Updike by way of Alexandra talks of Taos and the NM area like how I assume most people from New England view NM, all artists and pottery and turquoise jewelry...

After traveling internationally on their dead husband's dime, they decide to go back to Eastwick for the summer, renting an apartment in the converted Lenox mansion, the original site of their sin, and are not welcome back with open arms. The married men they used to use and lose are now long dead and all that's left are a bunch of pissed off widows. The world has moved on without them. They're old, outdated and coming to terms with it in a new Eastwick where no one wants them or their magic.

After it all goes wrong,and guilt resurfaces, Jane gets what she deserves. Alexandra tries to do some good after coming to terms with her slutty, neglectful past, and Sukie learns absolutely nothing. There's no mysterious Van Horne (Ron Jeremy in my head) but Christopher Gabriel returns to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Updike's masculine presence dominates the book written about now three very much older women and you can tell especially towards the end when one witch rediscovers her old lady sexuality. It gets pretty bizarro for sure.

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