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The Humbling by Philip Roth
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Aug 05, 11

Cutting short of loud rumbling
I am not happy with "The Humbling"
I am afraid that Philip Roth
Went too far in this book's plot
(I'm so disturbed - that at this time
I've lost the urge for perfect rhyme )
Where health declined Hollywood's star ex
Acts as sex hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex,
Who's end of life obscurity
Is fought with .... well, promiscuity
(Please don't beat me with a wrench
For my Russian broken French )
Where "Cherchez la femme" for the carnal "Pa-De-Trua"
Gets arranged impromptu easy at any nearest local bar
Where any girl from any college soccer crew
Is an easy eager pick-up target for the lesbian one night stand screw
To say nothing but this book
Caused my bathroom run to puke
I truly wish that story of my verse
Is staged someplace away in Parallel Universe
If not, - then progress of this book moral
Went far ahead from innocent enough "American Pastoral"

The only part of the book I could understand and appreciate is the very ending, when finally abandoned (third time in his life) and crushed to the ground , the old man, not being able to apply his creativity and heart, being thrown back to loneliness for the rest of his days without any intellectual and emotional stimulation, loses the motivation to live.

Stanislavsky's dictum (or scenic method) teaches about the important rule of the stage: “If you have a rifle, hanging on the wall in the first act, it should fire in the last act”.
But the whole world is indeed nothing but a one large stage ...
And some of us (besides books and plays) do have in our lives those rifles, hanging on the wall ...

1. Memorable 3
2. Social Relevance 3
3. Informative 1
4. Originality 5
5. Thought Provoking 5
6. Expressiveness 1
7. Entertaining 3
8. Visualization 2
9. Sparks Emotion 3
10. Life Changing (Pivotal, crucial, determining, defining, momentous, fateful, consequential, climacteric, transformational) 1

3, 3, 1, 5, 5, 1, 3, 2, 3, 1 ====> 27/10 = 2.7

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