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I Shot You Babe by Leslie Langtry
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Aug 03, 11

bookshelves: dorchester-mystery-box, contemporary-romance
Read in July, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I thought this was a mess. Like I get that the main character's underlying theme is that he stereotypes people and doesn't think he does but I don't think that makes up for every character in the book (and I'm talking mainly about the gal Veronica here) acting in the most unbelievable ways at every turn in the book. First off, I didn't think the couple had a strong enough connection at all, especially not enough of one to weather the absolute insane amounts of weirdness going on. I ask you, what human would end a flight on a private jet belonging to someone they barely know that had an acquaintance (who granted had conked said human in the head for also seemingly no reason. Seriously why on earth would a character who says, "Yeah I'm an assassin but I don't hurt women or kids" randomly concuss Veronica? Just to piss Cy off?) of theirs beaten and tied up in the bathroom with, "Promise you won't kill him? Ok well, CALL ME!" And what kind of graduate level philosophy student who is seemingly normal and nice enough in most ways never contemplates the ramifications of his job as a gun-for-hire?

I did like scenes in Mongolia. You could tell the author did her research but refrained from sounding like a travel guidebook.

The end was kind of a fizzle as the four thousand years old assassins' group ends with a "meh" but whatever, I get it.

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