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The Lost Life of Eva Braun by Angela Lambert
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Jul 27, 2011

really liked it
Read in July, 2011

Had the Germans been the good guys and the Allies the bad guys of world war two the love story of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun would have rivaled perhaps even that of Romeo and Juliet in the public imagination despite their age difference (23 years) and Hitler's very low libido brought about, I suspect, partly by his being a vegetarian and eating too much cakes and pastries (up to now, in fact, there are questions as to his true sexual orientation or if he and Eva have had normal sex).

When you look at any image of Hitler you'll think caricature as there is even now a rap song at youtube which uses Hitler's video while he's making a speech, as if he's transported to the 21st century and has become P. Diddy's pal. But during his time Hitler was more than a rap star. All Germans sieg heiled him and which greeting he answered with an effeminate-looking bye-bye wave of his hand. And with this all Germany was ready to follow him even to his grave--

In order to claim you've really read this review you must finish watching this film--one of the 1001 films you must see before you die--a real classic, multi-awarded before the war, and which had not before been made readily available to our generation until youtube came. Unless you've seen the entire film, by this brilliant female film-maker Leni Riefenstahl who survived Hitler and lived up to the ripe old age of 101, don't click "like" in this review as I may ask you some questions to test if you've really read this entire review which, to repeat, includes this film! If you fail this test, then the "like" is exposed as untrue, reflecting badly on yourself. So finish watching or else forever hold your peace.

Ah, Eva Braun, what had you done to yourself? You were the only woman (apart from his mother) who had truly loved this down-and-out bum from Vienna. He who rose to political prominence like Barack Obama--with his oratorical skills, his capacity to reduce complicated issues with fiery catchphrases, each speech like a hot-pumping fornication ending in an orgasm of words. With religious, upright Christian parents who hated your guy, during the time when moral liberalism was just a dream, you privately stood by Hitler's side, as his mistress for 14 years and anonymous to the world. The author has made a strong case about you not knowing the evil deeds your dear Adolf (the author's mother also being German and more or less your contemporary) and it may have well been just the case. You saw only the softer side of the man--the hardworking leader of the Third Reich, who loved his dog Blondi, adored by many including women, with piercing, blue, mesmerizing eyes, the charismatic charmer, the man who wouldn't marry you or have children because he claim he wants to devote all his time to Germany (the true reason would have made himself and whatever children he might sire unfit to live by his own state-sponsored standards--but this was a reason he kept hidden from everyone all his life).

Not to take anything away from the sufferings of your Adolf's victims, but those last days you had with him, inside that spacious and well-provided for bunker in Berlin, with what you decided to do, and what they did to Hitler's bitch Blondi who just had a set of beautiful puppies you called "sausages," and what Josef and Magda Goebbels did to their five very young, well-mannered, innocent children (Magda: "Where will my children go? The shame of being Geobbels children will always rest upon them."--tragically she was wrong. All ten of Martin Bormann survived and his eldest son, also named Martin, became a Catholic priest), was as harrowing as any guilt-free martyrdom and made me excitedly finish this book in one or two sittings, even ahead of Thomas Pynchon's "Against the Day" which I have been grappling with for months already.
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message 1: by the review man (new)

the review man You're reading Against the Day? Wow, as much as I like Pynchon I don't think I could sit through another 1000+ pages of him. Maybe in a few years, once I've successfully repressed the horror associated with finishing Gravity's Rainbow...

Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Page 952 now dan, exactly 268 pages more to go. I am actually like "about to finish it" but I keep thinking that 268 pages would be about the size of an average Jane Austen novel...My very first Pynchon and I'm already severely bruised and battered.

message 3: by Louize (new)

Louize The author has made a strong case about you not knowing the evil deeds your dear Adolf (the author's mother also being German and more or less your contemporary) and it may have well been just the case.

Did she not, really?
She was not aware why (almost) the whole world allied themselves against Germany?

Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly she was kept most of the time in the wolf's lair (hitler's secret mansion in the mountains). No tv, no radio, no newspaper. All those who interacted with her under instructions not to tell her anything. In the first place, she had absolutely no interest in politics.

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