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God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut
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Apr 26, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: literature, 1960s, kurt-vonnegut

Honestly, the two-star rating isn't Vonnegut's fault. I'm sure this is a really good book, but I just didn't get it when I read it. Nor was I in the correct mood to appreciate it. I need to reread this one the next time I go on a Kurt Vonnegut binge.

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message 1: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason I like how you call it a Kurt Vonnegut binge. That's exactly the way it was for me when I started getting into him, I read a bunch in a row and then had to come up for air.

I think I'm ready for my next binge, though.

Michael Yeah, my Vonnegut binge was much longer than most author binges I've had. Cat's Cradle, Welcome to the Monkey House, Mother Night, The Sirens of Titan, Player Piano, Slaughterhouse Five, and this one, all within five or six months. Then, once it was over, I pretty much haven't touched Vonnegut again until now.

I've been planning to have another binge for a while now! There's a copy of Galapagos on my shelf that I'm hoping will get me started on another real spree. . . then again, my reading ambitions for the next few months are impossible to reach, with Foucault, Proust and Kafka all higher on my list than Vonnegut. Here's hoping I get started on a binge before summer is out!

message 3: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Well maybe Vonnegut will be a little treat for you when you're done with Proust et. al.

I loved Mother Night. My favorite, so far.

Michael Mother Night and Cat's Cradle are my two favorites. Vonnegut is always hard to put down, but Mother Night was IMPOSSIBLE to put down. It's one of the few books I've read straight through in one sitting.

message 5: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason I see you haven't read Breakfast of Champions. Not as good as Mother Night, but still good; you should add it to your list. Lots of pretty pictures Vonnegut drew himself, like different kinds of beaver. :P

message 6: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Btw, are you the same Michael I follow on last.fm? As in, "2,054 R.E.M. plays" Michael?

I think so...if so, good taste. I love Fleet Foxes.

Michael Yeah! I hadn't noticed we were friends over there, but you're right! Where were we friends first? Over there?

Fleet Foxes are great, and so far they seem to keep getting better. Have you heard Midlake? They're really good, and in the same vein as Fleet Foxes. Sort of a more melancholy take on a similar aesthetic. Anyway, the album The Trials of Van Occupanther is definitely one to check out if you haven't heard them. The others are good, too, but that's my favorite.

message 8: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason No, I hvaen't. But I will check it out now... lately I've been really enjoying the whole folk-rock sound that seems to have made a massive comeback. Do you like the Alabama Shakes? They're more bluesy but I haven't been able to get them out of my rotation. They remind me of early kings of leon.

I think we were friends here first, but I'm not sure... did you at one point have a link in your GR profile to an external site that showed your last.fm profile? I think that's what I remember.

Michael I did. . . I'm not sure why I took that link down. My sites used to be linked a lot better than they are now. Most of my blogging is either academic or focused on publicizing pulp fiction now, so my different online identities don't mesh as well as they used to. In fact, those identities want to avoid acknowledging one another at all.

I hadn't heard Alabama Shakes before, but I'm listening to them now and liking them! They have a lot more soul influences than most current rock bands, which is great to hear.

message 10: by Jason (new) - added it

Jason Yes, yes you are. And that song you are listening to right now, "Hold On", is my favorite. Stalking has never been so simple!

Michael Ha!

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