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Wolverine by Paul Jenkins
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Aug 04, 2008

it was ok
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Recommended for: Fans of Marvel comics (and, of course, of Wolverine)
Read in August, 2008

I was psyched when I first discovered this collection at my local comic shop. Wolverine has been one of my favorite Marvel characters since I first discovered the X-Men and I was finally going to learn where he came from. I've got to admit, after reading through this series, I was a bit underwhelmed. The story follows the Wolverine's story from his childhood, up until he becomes the wild loner we're all familiar with (but ending long before the Weapon X program). It just wasn't nearly as exciting as I'd imagined it would be.

The story was decent, it just didn't really impress me. It did a good job of showing what turned him into such an animalistic individual while retaining his good human nature. A good portion of the story is told from the perspective of Rose, Logan's first true friend. While I somewhat enjoyed hearing Logan's transformation from a weak child to a well-honed hunting machine from an outside perspective, I think I would've preferred to hear the story through his eyes and his thought processes. One of my biggest complaints was that I felt the story didn't focus enough on the reintroduction of Dog, Logan's childhood friend turned enemy/rival, into his later life. He provides a crucial plot point in the end but he is brought back halfway through the final part and his story is left open-ended. I'm hoping his loose ends are tied up in later installments but I felt cheated when his story was abandoned with no real closure.

For a tale of one of Marvel's most dangerous people, the story was just a little too tame. Perhaps I just went into this book with unrealistic expectations. I'm glad to have been given the chance to understand a little more about the character of Wolverine and I look forward to learning more in the future. I just wish it had started with the epic feeling the character deserved.

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