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Alpha by Rachel Vincent
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Jul 26, 2011

did not like it
Read in January, 2011

By the time I made it to Alpha I figured after 4 books I deserved to know what happened at least. She sorta just wrote. It felt like she didn't think about the reader at all during this book. She started killing off her characters. I really didn't understand why she found herself uninspired or not creative enough not to have to kill off a ton of her characters in this book, but it was really senseless and sorta useless. How does she become Alpha, hmmmm? Do you really even have to guess? No, because you already know. Save the suspense cause she didn't even come up with some creative clever way to do it either. She bam! The introduction of the guns was a stupid move as well seeing as you really have no knowledge about guns that much is clear.

The epic wild love triangle who will she choose Marc or Jace? Ummm no real fanfare. No awesome declaration of love or even adoration. Just oooo ok. You promised me a showdown of some sort not a surrender. The crybaby I love you Faythe that she put in there for someone totally not the reader was more filler than anything. Did you really think he wasn't coming back?

The war? No even thrilling. At 1 point she sitting by herself in the woods describing her little girl with her first period feelings not even concentrating on the war that is enfolding in front of her. She although did spare me how many nails she broke in the small amount of action she did see in the "battle" if you can call it that.

The bloodlust scene her the Sander's home was the most interesting thing in this whole book.

She ends the book almost as strange as she started it with not a shred of contemplation for the readers that stuck with her throughout 6 books. That trudged through the mindless blabbering and the silly little girl crush on someone not her boyfriend. She constant coddling and the massive amounts of girl power unrealized that became this series.

All the promises left unkept in this book were the most sad part of the months that she wastes of the readers life while trying hard to get through these books. Had she kept those promises and actually thought about the story the characters and the readers this book could of been epic.

We will now remember Rachel Vincent as the Amy Winehouse of the author community. Seeing as you're still alive you should give all that paid for this series of books their money back along with a sincere apology. Your editor and your publisher should do the samething.

After this series of books I will not pick up another book written by her. Sorry hon your time is not more valuable than mine.
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