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The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams
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Oct 25, 11

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The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams is another example of how I let book pimpers (a.k.a. book bloggers) and pre-release buzz suck me in. I had seen this book listed on quite a few “books to look out for” lists so of course, that got my curiosity going. I read the blurb and that also got my curiosity going. So I requested it and crossed my fingers. By the time I received it, I had forgotten what is was about but I was still excited to read it. I may not have remembered the blurb but I remembered the book pimpage. So I cracked it open and I must say…wow.

The Shadow Reader is set in the Fae world. Fae are invisible to most humans except for those who possess the Sight. Then there are Shadow Readers. These are humans who possess the Sight and who can read the shadows left behind when a fae fissures away. They can basically track fae. And depending on how good they are, they can be somewhat accurate or extremely accurate. The better you are, the more in demand you are. Well, Mackenzie is exceptional.

She ‘works’ for the Court. They are the good guys. She lives in the human realm, but is compensated by the fae for her services. The first chapter of the book immediately sucks you in as you follow Makenzie running for her life from the Rebel fae – the bad guys. They catch her, kidnap her and want to keep her for their own use.

The story is told from Mackenzie’s point-of-view. She has been working for the fae for the past 10 years and she has gone through some pretty difficult events because of it.

Mackenzie has been in love with Kyol from the moment she met him. So…about 10 years now. But the king forbids human/fae relationships so he is torn. She knows he at least cares for her, but he’s fighting it. Then she gets kidnapped by Aren. Aren ladies…yum. Kyol is not too shabby, but there is just something about Aren. But Kyol has some really nice moments near the end of the book. But Aren is just…rawr. As you may have figured out, there is a bit of a love triangle thing going on in the book but not really at the same time. It’s not an annoying one that makes you want to shake the girl and tell her to make up her damn mind before you smack her silly. I like how Sandy handled the whole thing. And while there is a ‘decision’ in the end, you wonder if it is the final one. The chemistry is wonderful all around.

As for Mackenzie, I really liked her. Even though she sees the fae and knows she is good at what she does, she is just a normal human girl at heart. She dreams of being able to just live a normal fae-free life. She wants to get her University degree, get a (normal) job, meet a man, get married… All the things most regular gals hope to achieve in life. Yet she is in the middle of such extraordinary circumstances. I love how she handles each situation she’s thrown into. She’s not some superhero or mega-woman. She’s Mackenzie. I really liked how Sandy wrote her.

The story itself was quite the ride. You are always thinking while reading this book. As Mackenzie learns about the Rebels, you find yourself wondering if they are telling the truth or if the Court is. And there are some pretty spectacular fight scenes, most without guns since fae can’t use modern technology. Also let’s not forget the escape attempts. And there are heart-breaking moments too. Sad moments and surprising moments. As I said, this book is a ride. But it’s not written in a way where you feel like you need to stop to catch your breath. The pacing is good – not too much, not too slow.

You really get involved in fae politics while reading this book (since that is pretty much the base of this story) and the ending of the book really leaves you curious as to what will happen next. I liked how everything turned out. I am also glad that there is another book in the works because I want to see if Mackenzie sticks with her ‘choice’ and how the fae Realm ultimately copes with the outcome of the Rebels vs. the Court. Book two is still untitled and not yet finished. But at least it’s in the works. Thank goodness for that.

It’s amazing how some debut authors just seem to know what they are doing right out of the gate – and Sandy Williams is definitely one of those authors. Sandy explained the world without making it too daunting. She introduced a huge cast of characters without making them feel forced on us and she packed the book with action and an interesting ‘not really’ love triangle that keeps you on your toes and sometimes at the edge of your seat. I was really impressed with the way this book was written. The writer has a beautiful voice and I am anxious to see where she takes us next.
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Carmel (Rabid Reads) Oooh, you got a copy!! Can I borrow it when you're done!? Pleeeease? :)

Julie Carmel (Rabid Reads) wrote: "Oooh, you got a copy!! Can I borrow it when you're done!? Pleeeease? :)"

Of course! I'll send it with Jason on Monday. :) I'm really liking it so far.

Blodeuedd Finland I wanna read this one :D

Julie Blodeuedd wrote: "I wanna read this one :D"

It's good, as you can tell by what I wrote. lol It's just a really fun ride.

Blodeuedd Finland And it looks so pretty, well you know me, I like those covers.

But it sounds so good too, I am very interested

Carmel (Rabid Reads) Monday! Don't forget! :P

Mithrendiel Fantastic review! This book was already on my to-read list, but I've just moved it up to being the next book I'll read. :D

Julie Mithrendiel wrote: "Fantastic review! This book was already on my to-read list, but I've just moved it up to being the next book I'll read. :D"

YAY! Let me know what you think! :)

Mithrendiel I really enjoyed Shadow Reader, Julie. It was probably the second best book on the Fae I've read (next to Moning's Fever series) and I really love the Fae so the novel was a rare treat. The high fantasy elements were a nice surprise too - I'm used to urban fantasy books having more narrow scopes (ala murder mysteries with supernatural slants). Thank you so much for the recommendation.

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