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A Slobbering Love Affair by Bernard Goldberg
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Jul 26, 2011

it was amazing

GREAT TITLE! Goldberg hits the nail on the head with his apt depiction of the mainstream media’s relationship with Barack Obama as “A Slobbering Love Affair” which has become apparent after the inauguration has turned him into “celebrity in chief”. Barnes & Noble where I bought the book has a whole table display devoted to Obama piled high with books, tapes, videos, posters and other commemorative Obamabilia. Goldberg asserts that the elite media’s liberal bias, for the first time in journalistic history, has become shameless media activism. However, he astutely argues that the activist media didn’t win the election for Obama but it did clearly help in the creation of a powerful “cult of personality” or as Goldberg describes it “Bamalot” which was particularly effective during the Democratic primary campaign against Hillary Clinton the first “post gender” candidate. Unfortunately for her the liberal media believes race trumps gender.

To give his thesis more credibility Goldberg in the appendix reproduces the executive summary of the Media Research Center report on Media Activism of the three major networks ABC, NBC, and CBS. The study found that Obama received overwhelmingly more good press than bad with the networks minimizing Obama’s liberal ideology as well as downplaying or ignoring major Obama gaffes and scandals. NBC Nightly News was the most lopsided with more than 10 times more pro-Obama than anti-Obama reports. There are also insightful chapters on the overt liberal bias of MSNBC and that “One Angry Man” Keith Oberman aka “Bush basher in chief”. The book despite its focus on media bias is surprisingly to borrow a phrase “fair and balanced”. Goldberg is a veteran journalist who started out as a staunch liberal and worked for CBC news for 38 years. And when he "saw the light" became a conservative and wrote his first book titled “Bias” in 2001 exposing the liberal bias of the mainstream press. Journalists are overwhelmingly liberal and vote for the Democrat 70% of the time. Goldberg argues that if the media ever hopes to convince Americans to once again trust their reporting the mainstream media will need an aggressive affirmative action policy to employ more conservative reporters to level the pervasive liberal tilt of the media. After all isn’t affirmative action a sacred liberal mechanism to atone for past injustices.
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