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Paradise Lost by John Milton
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Apr 11, 12

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Read from March 21 to April 11, 2012

I went into this book absolutely hating poetry. While it's still not my favorite form of literature, I definitely respect it a lot more and no longer dread reading it.

This is probably the most difficult books I've ever read. Paradise Lost requires the utmost attention and concentration, and it's not just some book you can pick up and read if you don't know shit about the Bible or history.
While I don't entirely agree with Milton on his religious views, I thought it was pretty cool of him to slyly mock the society around him -- especially at a time when that stuff didn't really fly.
Satan's character was pretty badass, albeit an idiotic one. I mean, he had to have balls if he decided to rebel against someone who had the rep of being an omnipotent prick (AKA God). I felt sorry for him at the same time as well, 'cause God was all like "lol i know wat ur doin. Im just gunna stretch it out so u think ur winning and then smite u with my son, who's rly me."
Seriously, how lame. And what the hell is up with God, anyway? He proclaims to know all that's going to happen and then tells all of his angels or whatever to do it all for him, only so they can give HIM credit for it later. ...What? Whatever. That's a bone I have to pick with the theologians.

As for Adam and Eve: What dumb bitches, especially the latter. Come on, Eve. I know God made you ignorant so he can keep you in Eden, but why the hell (haha, pun) would you listen to a talking snake? You haven't heard it speak before, and suddenly it's telling you to go eat from the tree that God specifically told you NOT to? What is that? Wouldn't you just be a little weird-ed out by that? But hey, I'm not one to judge, I guess.

Aside from their blatant stupidity, the way Milton presented his retelling was pretty incredible, especially since he was like blind when he wrote it. Good god, even blind men from the 17th century can write better than Stephanie Meyer.

I'm really glad I could add this classic to my repertoire. It's definitely worth the read if you're interested in the back-story of Adam & that dumb ho Eve and testing your ability to focus on difficult texts. So yeah.

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