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Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri
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Jul 26, 2011

really liked it
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A temporary matter :
The story of a couple or what is left of a couple. it is well known for love to die after marriage , it is something we read about constantly , there is always a reason for it to disappear , and sometimes there isn’t even a reason , it just evaporates , everyday’s routine kills it silently. And I can’t help feeling sad about it, it is devastating.
The lack of communication between the two of them had led to a wall of silence separating them from each other leaving each one in his own world avoiding each other constantly, and in the last confrontation they had, each one of them tried to hurt the other but they found some comfort in sobbing in each others presence.
In a way this one is so deep, and it’s so beautiful .
Mr Pirzada is very gentle and generous and the girls family is so welcoming ^^I liked the semi happy end
The illusion of a beautiful woman falling for you is the lost dream of every aged man, it’s pathetic, but still it’s true. I loved the way this hope was flashing through the man mind imagining detailed scenes, picturing every scenario.
The only thing I concluded was , how lying could be dangerous , after years and years of telling lies , when you finally say the truth no one will believe you.
Loving someone you don’t even know. First of all I don’t believe in love at first sight at all, it seems irrational to me and purely physical, love for me happens after knowing the other person very well and accepting everything about them , in my opinion that is true love .
And cheating , adultery and all kind of mischief in relationships is probably happening because of the lack of love or maybe that love was initially a first sight kind of love and that is the mean reason why it couldn’t survive or last a relationship that long .
Mrs Sen’s
Mrs Sen is an innocent woman in every sense of the word, she’s like a child in the body of a woman in a way Eliot seems even more mature than she is.
Being in a strange country with strange people and nothing to look forward but a husband who comes is more like a master/father then a husband, Mr sen is a cold man through the story we can see that he doesn’t show any sign of affection to his wife , and the poor thing is feeling isolated and alone , living away from her family and from her home it just becomes too much to handle for her sometimes and she goes into this deep state of depression . Also her family thinks she is having the time of her life, living in a dream , a palace, being a queen . But in fact she secretly wishes she stayed there with them.
This blessed house
I thought the story would be kind of longer... and I thought Sanjeev would figure out if he loves Twinkle or not, or if she loves him , but I guess they don’t love each other, it a semi arranged marriage, they’re not unhappy but they’re not happy either.
I loved the treasure hunting part it’ll fascinate me too if I find something, anything in my house that doesn’t belong to me, specially if it’s antique, but I thing the immaturity of Twinkle is what irritates Sanjeev the most and not all those status they kept finding.
The Treatment of Bibi Haldar
I loved this one , I really truly loved it , its amazing , told from the perspective of a neighbour , a married woman with children , she tells us the story of Bibi, who lived with her cousin and who suffered a disease that was unknown to all the doctors , whom she visited.
At last they suggest she gets married, the change of scenery and the “relations” will probably cure her. But who’s in their right mind would want to marry Bibi knowing of her deliriums?
The Third and Final Continent
The final story, in these amazing short stories. it tells the story of a young Indian man away from home and how he settled in America waiting for his bride to have her green card and papers so she can join him. He rents first a room from an old woman and this little encounter with her those 6 months he spent there changes his life forever.

As for my final review of this stories in all, no wonder she won so many awards for this book.
Each and every story was unique even though there is 3 stories of a couple, they were so different and beautiful in their own way ^^ I’m amazed by her ability to write such things, also you can clearly see the influence of her culture in her writing which amazed me even more introducing me to some Indian houses that I find myself sometimes relying to due to some slight resemblance in our cultures.
4 stars and a half ^^.

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