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The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon
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Jul 05, 2012

it was ok
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For a few years now, I've been interviewing my twins after they finish reading their books, posting those interviews on their own goodreads profile. My boy, Miloš, finished reading The Tower Treasure a couple of weeks ago, and I reread it just this week (I always reread the books they've read.) You can see my interview with him at this link. And you can see his interview with me right here:

Miloš: Why was the book just okay?

Pa: Well, I enjoyed it for what it was. The mystery was fun, and I really liked that most of the mystery was about finding the actual treasure rather than finding the thief, but the fifties world that they lived can't have really existed, except in books and on early TV, and I didn't like the attitudes that Dixon, he's the author, had about society and good & bad. That kind of stuff.

Miloš: Okay ... which character did you like better, Frank or Joe?

Pa: Are they different characters?

Miloš: Yes.

Pa: I don't know. They seemed kind of hard to tell apart. I liked Oscar Smuff best actually. But I guess if I had to pick one of the brothers it would be Joe because he fell over the railing in the old Tower and caught himself. I think hints at a more physical role than Frank's, maybe he'll be more impetuous in other books.

Miloš: Do you want to know why they're different?

Pa: I'd rather "how" they're different, but you can tell me whatever you think.

Miloš: This really has nothing to do with it, but Joe is lighter haired than Frank, and Frank is older than Joe.

Pa: But those are purely physical things. It's not like they're behaviour is different at all, is it?

Miloš: I don't know.

Pa: Why not?

Miloš: It is different in a way.

Pa: What makes Joe Joe? Cause I know you like him best.

Miloš: The fact that at the very end he suddenly popped out good ideas, and he was the one that actually really made them find the treasure because he figured out where it was the old water tower.

Pa: He was the one who said it was there, but Frank was thinking the same thing, remember?

Miloš: Yeah.

Pa: Is it that Joe wasn't afraid to think out loud, to maybe make a mistake, and Frank was keeping things to himself, and maybe was more self-conscious?

Miloš: Yeah.

Pa: Okay.

Miloš: But at the same time, Frank is sort of the hero of the tale.

Pa: So you like the underdog, the supporting character.

Miloš: Yeah, sometimes I do the same thing with villains. I like the villains better sometimes like the Evil Emperor Zurg, or something like that.

Pa: I do too. Which is why I like Smuff.

Miloš: Because he's an underdog. Yeah Smuff was a really cool character, and it was very rude to make him miss his flight.

Pa: I wasn't impressed with the Hardy's treatment of Smuff. Like you, that bothered me. it also bothered me that they always assumed Smuff was being "greedy" and wanted the reward, when they wanted exactly the same thing. So how can be better than Smuff when they have same motivation?

Miloš: True. And at the end there, you can see he sort of says something about, or he arrives last on purpose because he doesn't really like the Hardys, does he?

Pa: Or is it because he expects that they're going to humiliate him, so he isn't keen on showing up.

Miloš: Exactly. He doesn't want get mocked for not finding the treasure, and at the end he sort of tells us that since he's been a detective he never is the one to figure it out it is always someone else, which makes him feel even more stupid because he hasn't found anything. So he tells them that.

Pa: Yeah, poor Smuff. So do you have any other questions for me?

Miloš: Not other than, "Was it a good book?"

Pa: It was okay. I'm not sorry I read it again, and I am looking forward to reading the second one --

Miloš: -- The House on the Cliff. Besides sometimes the third or the second can be better than the first.

Pa: Looking forward to you getting through it, after James and the Giant Peach of course.

Miloš: Okay.
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