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Learning to Drown by Sommer Marsden
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** spoiler alert ** Between 2.5 and 3 Stars.

Ember has some kidnapping fantasies, that her boyfriend tries to fulfill. But he's not good enough. At least not for her.
When she ended up being "robbed" by a tall, dark, handsome and very dominating stranger, it's like all her prayers have been attended. Amen!

Learning to Drown started really good. I was really liking, even with the 1st person narration. It was fun, Ember was kinda crazy. Her thoughts and actions made me chuckle 40% of this book.

Then, my personal nightmare in erotica books, The Love, steps in.


Let's just be VERY serious. I don't buy the I love you after just one freaking day of knowing each other! Come on. Wtf?
No, no, and Hell No.
And let's just NOT start with the Matthew (Lucas's ass brother) thing. Lol

After the love declaration, I lost the interest in this book, but finished anyway. I half liked, but all the feelings, and Ember's childish/annoying/clingy personality, plus Lucas's bouncer attitude (Look, but don't touch or talk) made me not like half of it.
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Veronica~Nhaughty Would I like?? The cover looks soo sexy...

Katherine You'll like it. You'll love Lucas. He's verra sexy. You may like Matthew... But he's such an ass... sigh... He made me laugh, so I guess it's something good, right ?;)

message 3: by Grace (new)

Grace I know. What the hey. Once they went up to the cabin the whole thing just tanked. The spatula spanking reminded me of my mother. Falling on her tailbone? I don't get it. Then she gets a flu. How not erotica. Then she gets kidnapped then taken back quickly for no reason. Page filler?
But the first half I loved. Ember was funny and the hero was hot.
How would you end a book with s&m? It seems to paint the author into a corner. GG

Katherine No erotica should remind me of my mother. Please, don't even go there.

If the writer intended to be a "dark" read, she -Ember- should be terrified for more time, than to want to stay with her "captor". From the middle to end it was just bad IMO. I don't like cheesy. And that's what the rest of this book was. The love? That was a joke. A bad one. ;)
And Matthew? I laughed OUT LOUD when he was on some scenes. How old was him anyway? 5? LOL

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