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Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis
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Apr 02, 2008

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Read when I first moved to LA, and it more or less summed up my feelings about the place in other words a stripmall that got cancer where your soul gets a general anesthetic while it rots.

Reread a year and a half later, it no longer has quite the same effect which either means I've become my soul is rotting right on schedule, or that well I don't know what the second option would be.

The fact is that while Bret's minimalist prose is still very impressive, the story of a bunch of "cocksucking cokesnorting zombies" is less so. (His words not mine). And while I understand his desire to show his generation of yuppies as mindless, consumerism obessed, Morlocks a few moments do descend into the Reefer Madness school of shocking camp. During the reread I kept asking myself, "Really Bret did we really need the gang rape and murder of a twelve year old?"

I know complaining about excess in Bret Eaton Ellis novel is sort of like complaining about how wet the water is, but well there you go.
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