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The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey
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Jul 25, 11

CURSE OF THE WENDIGO is an absolutely stellar sequel. I devoured this book in about four hours. Dr. Warthrop's old mentor (Von Helrung) has more or less "jumped on the vampire wagon," (and I got a chuckle out of that, let me tell you) and is insisting that the creatures are real, after having been hired by a writer (he thinks his name was Stroker) to prove that the creatures exist.

The brand of vampire being hunted here is the Canadian backwoods variant - a Wendigo, who feeds only on human flesh and becomes hungrier the more it eats. Like a vampire, the Wendigo can infect a human with a bite and turn them into a Wendigo in turn. Warthrop dismisses all talk of mythological creatures such as vampires and werewolves as being detrimental to the cause of monstrumology, as he believes they do not exist and that a failed mission to locate one will only undermine their credibility.

He is pulled into the case however, when he is visited by his former fiancee - the super hot Muriel - whose husband (previously Warthrop's best friend and contemporary) has disappeared in the north Canadian wilds while on a hunt for the Wendigo to appease their old mentor, von Helrung.

There are intense themes - parallels of love and death, choices made for good or bad and their finality - extraordinary violence, and (!) the monstrumologist gets to have sex. However, as in the first book, we see everything through the eyes of a naive Will Henry, so unless you can read between the lines, you wouldn't know it :)

Also, I usually find it jarring when authors attempt to weave famous personages into their plot. But Yancey does it well, and with names that aren't necessarily going to hit you like a lightning bolt - Algernon Blackwood, Jacob Riis, and Bram Stoker to name a few - all appear within the pages of this book, and are woven in well.

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