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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Jul 25, 2011

Stephenie Meyer clearly has some hidden powers. Because for the second time now, she has kept me compulsively reading a book I otherwise never would have picked up. And as ashamed as I am to admit this on Facebook, I was a little disappointed when it was over. (Yes, I died a little inside when I typed those words.) Is this a well-written book? Maybe not. But it's really entertaining. I think people who criticize Meyer's books and others like them are much like film critics who don't seem to grasp that not every movie has to be a masterpiece, some are just designed to entertain.

The second book in the series is definitely way more melodramatic than the first. After one of the more dysfunctional birthday parties I've read about in a while, Bella and Edward are separated. For nearly the entire book. And Bella can't quite deal with it. (Yes, that is an understatement.) Ok, too much analysis. I enjoyed it and will unbelievably read the next one in the series at some point.

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