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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Aug 02, 11

A fun plot, and great action sequences. It would have been a enjoyable light read if it had not been so very serious. Good lord! So much Wangst! Collins lays on the angst far too strongly far too early. You have no time to actually become attached to Catnis before you are bombarded by the excruciatingly annoying details of her dark and troubled past. She whines and moans her way through her role, reducing the tragedy of situation to something on the level of a spoiled child not getting a toy that she wants and subsequently throwing a temper tantrum. Thankfully, Collins seems to have realized her error, and the sequels are slightly funnier. But if you are looking for a fun young adult novel with a good mixture of drama and comedy, I would suggest you try either the Artemis Fowl series, or the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

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