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The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan
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Jan 07, 2016

it was amazing
Read in October, 2008

The best book in the series since The Dragon Reborn. Rand is really coming to form now, showing his authority and power as a leader. There is a great mix of tense drama, some good character development... Nynaeve getting a grip on her temper, partially, bloody psycho woman... Moiraine starting to obey Rand and stop the whole manipulation game... And best of all... Siuan Sanche and her fall from power. There's so many great simultaneous stories running through this book that all work together wonderfully, and of course, there's plenty of action, shock, surprise and humour... Not to mention the Shaido getting crushed.

Just a pity that Perrin was too busy building a house in the two rivers to appear in the story. He is my favourite character, let's hope for more on his part in the next book.

Oh, we finally see Rand and Aviendha... ah... "improve their relationship" too, which will ultimately lead to polygamy on Rand's part...

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