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The Liar by Stephen Fry
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Jul 25, 2011

it was amazing
I own a copy , read count: 1

Adrian Healy is a chronic liar. You can always tell when he is lying by the simple fact that his lips are moving. We follow Healy’s exploits through private school where toast and buggery are the order of the day culminating in an underground magazine and expulsion. Following this disgrace he finds himself in Piccadilly turning tricks as a rent boy and being caught by the police with enough Bolivian Marching Powder to see him safely incarcerated at Her Majesty’s pleasure for a couple of years. Following his rehabilitation he re-embarks upon his academic studies to become a teacher and a cheater on the cricket field; the bounder! It is here that his path crosses that of Professor Donald Trefusis who immediately recognises Healy’s genius for deceit and chicanery. Trefusis engages Healy as an assistant to recover the Mendax – a top secret device than not only prevents a subject from lying; it actually forces them to tell the truth. A comic tale of homosexuality, schoolboy pranks, unrequited love, cricket, espionage, a lost Dickens manuscript and deception that is seriously laugh-out-loud funny. Just bear in mind that as a work of fiction, nothing in this book is actually true!
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