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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
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Jul 25, 2011

did not like it
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It kills me to give this one star - it started so strongly, the voice so rich and engaging. But once this book turned bad it got really bad.

The first part is really good. End the story at the end of the first act and it would have been an amazing short story. It was about that point that the names clicked in my head and I realized that it was Romeo and Juliet with zombies. I hate R&J, but I was willing to roll with it... until the magnificently forced balcony scene.

Then I began to notice the other problems. The author can't seem to keep track of what the characters are wearing, OR their injuries(R has amazing dexterity for having a shattered hand.) NO thought is put into the world(grapefruits and rice are a waste of farmland, never mind wasting perfectly farmland on a GRAVEYARD! WTF.) It feels like the author had no clue what caused the zombies, and was making the 'rules' up on the fly.

Oh, and at one point the main characters fall at least 80ft and get up and walk away without injury. I was disappointed because at that point I desperately wanted them to die for their stupidity. Yes, let's get the zombie drunk in public and just see how it turns out! Openly discussing the fact he's a zombie in public? No problem!

Part two and onward the narrator's voice started to piss me off. Particularly phrases like 'morbidly pregnant woman'. There's no real conflict, there's no character growth, no depth, and nothing is earned - the ending is a deus ex machina of the sugar coated Happily Ever After variety. Don't expect any twists. The monsters(and their threat) are watered down to the point it could only be the remaining humans' own stupidity that's keeping them from rebuilding the world.

I did love the use of Beatles lyrics at first, but in context it came off sappy and sickeningly overused - a gimmick.

If you dare read it be prepared for the bizarre number of times that the narrator contemplates his own wang. This is essentially the story of a married, ill-groomed, 30-something with impotence who lusts after a Manic Pixie Dream Girl after he murders her boyfriend. (view spoiler)

I came for a zombie novel(with the inevitable romance), and I got a Twilight clone. I can't believe I actually managed to finish it, as many times as it incited me to rage. I could rant about this book for hours(and have!), but I think it's a more productive use of my time to go reread Feed and weep over my lack of vodka.
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