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Dead End by Jason Myers
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Jul 24, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: 2011, older-teens, second-half-of-2011, suspense, very-strange, young-adult-books
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** spoiler alert ** *There are spoilers and some coarse language in this review*

Alright, so I am on the fence about this book. It is easily one of the worst books I have read. Hands down. The writing is terrible. It is gritty and edgy, but without any grasp on reality. Yet as I wrote before, it's kind of this oddly readable trash . . . like Nicholas Sparks was asked to rewrite No Country For Old Men as a trashy teen soap for HBO. Like a horrid teen soap, not something with some weight that people wanna watch. No this is a gag-me-with-a-spoon after school special meets Lifetime only without the heart or moral compass. One wonders who the audience is? Who are we supposed to root for? It's a young adult book, but the only character that is really sympathetic is the town sheriff (who is in his 50s or 60s). One would think we could feel sympathy for Gina, the girl who is raped, then murders her attacker, then is raped again, then kills herself. But the author treats her like such a slut that I felt more sympathy for him. Like, does he think this is how women act? Are they ready to just start screwing again after being brutally raped? I mean, seriously, what happened to Evans that his characters behave this way? Dru, his main boy, isn't much better. He's mean and angry, which is nice, but then he's mushy putty the next second . . . well, horny mushy putty. I can't believe I continued reading this book. I mean, I almost stopped after 5 pages. Then I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Then I almost stopped after the author kept referring to Gina's vagina as her pussy during and after her rape. I mean seriously? Seriously? Have some respect for women dude. So why did I keep reading? Well, it's a spectacular train wreck . . . and did you not read that part about Nick Sparks/No Country for Old Men/Soap? Don't read it. But then again . . . do read it. You will regret either choice.
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07/24/2011 page 106
27.6% "Imagine a crazy high school soap opera written for HBO and that pretty much sums this up. Edgy, vulgar, absolutely ridiculous, but strangely readable."
07/27/2011 page 240
62.5% "So I figured it out. Imagine Nicholas Sparks was asked to rewrite No Country For Old Men as a trashy teen soap for HBO."
07/27/2011 page 336
87.5% "Are you kidding me? I should have went with my gut and stopped after 5 pages. This book is ridiculous garbage. DO NOT READ."

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Kalypso  Storm Okay, let me start off with what the fuck.

How dare you say "have some respect for women" when in the beginning of this shit review, you act like you know what the fuck women want to do after being raped.

Jeez, men have such a close-minded, 19th century look on women and their bodies AND body parts. Being a slut isn't a bad thing. Men do the same fucking thing and yet it's "O.K"? What? And calling a vagina a "pussy" isn't showing disrespect. It's what it's called. No one calls a penis a penis, it's called a dick unless you're a doctor or being too serious.

I for one thought this book was pretty fuckin' good and surprised me with the Romeo and Juliet ending.

Why did I keep reading your review? It's awful. No one read it.

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