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Men of Danger by Lora Leigh
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Jul 24, 2011

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Read in August, 2011

Hannah's Luck / Lora Leigh
Kindergarten teacher Hanna and Sheriff Rick... Rick's wife was a devious, evil woman - the local militia's whore & a crack head... she would snoop (and a the end of the story we find out withthe help of Rick's secretary) and give tips to the militia... and when a woman is kidnapped, Rick & special forces face the militia, and Rick is forced to shoot his wife to death - though it is hidden from the public... Rick has been attracted to Hannah for years - even when married (stayed married for his son & because his wife would not divorce him)... his son reported that he had overheard his wife threatening Hannah over the phone, and when he tried dating hannah last year, he was uncomfortable as his feelings were so strong, and someone started harrassing Hannah... but now, someone has broken into Hannah's house - and Rick can't stay away from her this time... ahhhh

Reckless / Red Garnier
In High School working class Zach had a terrible crush on high class Paige - transferring to her school in their senior year... and he spent a year courting her behind everyone's back, every Friday she would go to his apartment over the beach boardwalk where he worked - and he spent a year seducing her - first with kisses, then touches,... always careful of her... but then her father the judge is killed, and Paige comes out her coma having forgotten everything... and her mother takes her to live elsewhere... 7 years later, mom is dead, Paige returns to face her past and sell the house... and someone breaks in - Rick takes her to his home, and there is attraction - and she feels safe, and has glimpses of some of her past with him... and he talks her into hypnosis with the police lieutenant's psychologist's wife - and her memory returns - 1st her memories around Rick - and then that the lieutenant is the one who killed her father & threatened her... and the lieutenant tries to kill her and Rick and set it up that Rick is guilty... but... she had texted Rick's deputy for help, and saved in a nick of time...

Tempt me / Alexis Grant
Anita and Zachary - both of 'the projects' - Anita is now a famous R&B star, and Zach is special forces... and Anita's brothers & father have taken advantage of her - ostensibly her body guards, but instead drinking, carousing, drugs... and she has had enough... so on the recommendation of her exboyfriend's and current music manager's financial advisor, she hires Zach's excommander's security as her bodyguards for a 10 day tour oversees with the armed forces... and Zach's commander is ill, and Zack is on 6 weeks leave and at odds - with no other family than the commander & his wife/kids offers to step in... and there is immediate attraction... and he is the first to care for her herself in a while... and then they find out his friend had been poisoned and almost died... and they spend 2 days in each other's arms at the end of the tour... and return home, and the story abruptly ends with his discovering his excommander's partner is brother to the music manager's advisor... and he was taking huge cuts when her brothers were her body guards, and didn't want the commander to succeed so his brother poisoned him - thinking to just get him sick enough... and he stops them both... but presumably he is now free to go to Anita and make a life.. hmmm

Love me "Til Death / Lorie O'Clare
Homicide detective Ashley Jones and vacationing FBI Chase Reed... Chase doesn't like rules, doesn't like buracracy... Ashley takes her job very seriously, likes to be in control - and finds with Chase she likes to share that control... women, with rope bracelets, are being found in different bars, dead of ISIS, a date rape drug... Chase is on down time, and the case interests him - and he talks with Ashley as they ferret out clues together...and fall into bed together... and it ends up to be Ashley's ex husband whohas gone over the bend ... and Chase is givingup FBI, and going into bounty hunting...

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