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Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
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Feb 09, 2012

it was amazing
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I'm so torn with this book. On the one hand I loved how much action is in it and how strong Kelsey was at times in this book, but Kelsey also drove me CRAZY!!!!!!! I hated that she couldn't make up her mind on which guy to choose and I hated her deciding factor on who chooses, when she turns around and does exactly what she hated the other man for doing!

Anyway, so other then that I thought the book was really good. I loved how much of a part Mr. Kadam and Nilima played in this. It was so nice to get to know Nilima a lot better then we did before.

Now onto the love triangle and can I say it's quite a love triangle. Now normally I'm team Ren all the way, but I gotta say that Kishan really won me over with how much he respected Kelsey and how he was always there for her. But then towards to end I started to get annoyed with him again. And the sad thing was it wasn't cuz of anything he did it was cuz of Kels. I know it doesn't make sense but Kesley started to ruin Kishan for me. And maybe it's cuz I just want her to be with Ren and be done with it. But sadly that's not the case here, she jumps from one to the other. I just feel so bad for all three of them. I'm just happy I'm not Kelsey and I don't have to be the one who's going through all this.

Now the ending! I can't believe it! Lokesh is so evil and creepy! I would be terrified if I were Kelsey and Ren and Kishan!!! My heart pains for both Ren and Kishan I can't imagine whats going through their heads right now! And I am just dying to see what's going to happen in the third book and to see if it's going to jump from different points of views a little more then it did in this book.
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message 1: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole Still have to read this!

Jessica You haven't read it yet? For some reason I thought you had.

message 3: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole No, I have it. Remember I got it early, but I never finished it; I have to get to it!

Jessica Oh ya! How far into it are you?

message 5: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole Like chapter 7 or something.

Jessica Oh so your not that much farther then me.

message 7: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole Where are you? Like what is going on in the book?

Jessica I'm on chapter six. They just got back from seeing Phet and now there getting ready to go to there yacht so they can practice scuba diving.

message 9: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole Okay, I am on the part where they just find out about the dragons, so I guess you are ahead of me.

Jessica Oh, I see, but not by much.

message 11: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole Well then I guess I got to get to it. Keep me updated on how the book is going!

Jessica Okay I will.

message 13: by Cole (new) - added it

Cole Thanks!

Jessica Yep! =)

message 15: by Evie (new) - rated it 5 stars

Evie I got annoyed at the triangle too. Mostly I think because I felt like the author kind of switched the guys personalities around to fit the love triangle mold. You know how Kishan's suddenly the "safe" one? And Ren's suddenly written and perceived by her as dangerous? Some of it I got a little. So they changed. That's fine. But it was such a complete turn around. Kishan was never UNsafe but he was sort of the head strong sarcastic flirt. I imagine wanting to win Kelsey would change him some but we really didn't see much of anything that echoed the character from book 2. And Ren. He was our good sweet safe guy. I know they went trough a lot but I suppose I was just surprised at how that went down too.
Good book though, I'm DYING to know what happens!!!! :)

Jessica I know! You really get to like Kishan more in this book, but agree it was like a 180 with him. I really missed the old Ren though. I hated that he didn't have his memory. I just wanted the old Ren back. I want to know what happened to Mr. Kadam and Nilima at the end! I was like wait what?! What's going on?! Where did they go?! So ya I'm with you, I can't wait to find out what's going to happen!

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