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Firelight by Sophie Jordan
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Dec 21, 11

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Recommended for: anybody who like refreshing mythology, dragons, and a smoky romance
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I will try to keep this review as short and simple as possible.

First off, I simply adore Firelight. It was a neat book that had an interesting mythology and a refreshing plotline that was a tad bit different than most YA books these days. It was interesting to read a book where two star-crossed lovers weren't supposed to fall in love, specifically because one of them is a hunter who's supposed to kill her and her kind. The romance was OK, I guess. I just wish that Will and Jacinda got to know each other a little bit before getting to the best romanctic parts, but I suppose their relationship will do. I kinda like Cassian,because there's a bad boy-edge to him that makes him thirsts for Jacinda in every way possible. Don't worry fans, I am firmly on Team Will's Side, but I dunno if I would still be once the next book is here. I heard the author is going to show a deep, intense side to Cassian. All in all, I totally devoured this book, and a 3.5 stars would suit it just fine.

So, the book started with describing into the relelvation of Jacinda's incredible powers and the mythology behind dragon-like draki. I think I would have liked this book more, if Mrs. Jordan descibed more details of the pride and draki more. I had a bunch of questions about them, so I'm looking forward to having them answered in the 2nd book.

Moving on. Jacinda's family do not believe it's safe to stay in the society of the pride any longer, and so they risked the danger of sneaking out there and living with humans. Jacinda did not enjoy having to leave the one and only home she's known, but she knew it was worth the risk. When Tamra and Jacinda moved into a new school, it is there where Jacinda first met and fell for the hunter Will. She knew who he was all along, and tried very hard to ignore him throughout the book to protect herself, but of course love conquers all.

The book was descriptive and I like the words and subject. The mythology scored points for me, too, mainly due to the fact that it was original and creative and a refreshing take on young adult paranormal literature.

Now, to the things I didn't like.

I didn't like how Jacinda kept tossing back and forth between "I want Will with all my heart and soul" and "I must stay far, far, far away from him." It was annoying, shallow, and just selfish. She obviously didn't care enough about her family and pride's safety enough to not tell them about Will and his family's true identities. On the first day of school, when she first saw Will, the thought of warning her family obviously didn't matter much to her as much as restoring her Draki powers by getting close to Will. To me, that was downright selfish and shallow.

I didn't like Jacinda in the middle and end of the book. I liked her voice a little bit at teh beginning of the book, but then she just got downright annoying, stupid, shallow, and just about everything I wouldn't want my heroines to be like. She was just so selfish. I couldn't handle reading inside her head anymore.

I was very annoyed by Tamra and Jacinda's mother 99.999% of the time I was reading this book. They were just as stupid and shallow as Jacinda was, if not even more. All they needed was to be a tad bit more supportive and understanding for Jacinda for me to like them, but no! Of course, I disliked Jacinda and could understand why her family would also, too. But they're family. They're supposed to support her. Instead, they turned their backs on her 96.9999999% of the time when she most needed them. Likewise, I didn't really thought Jacinda deserved their love, with all the secrets she's keeping and the danger she's putting them all in, but that doesn't mean her family should treat her that way!!

Although this book annoyed me like hell, I still think this book was OK. It wasn't incredibly terrible. It just has its cons that half of the time seem to succeed over the pros. However, I truly did enjoy this book. The mythology was refreshing. The plotline was well-built. And it doesn't hurt that Jordan can sure write a deep smokin' kiss. Well, she can! So, in condition, this book was great (and i truly do mean it). I will be looking forward to the next books in the series. I wonder what will become of Jacinda, Will, Tamra, and Cassian. I'm crossing my fingers that Cassian will end up with Tamra, but I'm not so sure of Will and Jacinda. They don't seem like they could make it or last a month together, much less forever.
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