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The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner
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Jul 24, 2011

really liked it

The Survivors Club members are three women. All very different, but with one thing in common: all were assaulted by the same man, Eddie Como, a.k.a. The College Hill Serial Killer. Meg, a young college co-ed and Eddie's first victim, has suffered complete loss of memory from the trauma. Carol, a high-society East side wife, has pretty much lost her mind and possibly her husband. Jillian, a successful businesswoman, actually interrupted as Eddie Como killed her younger sister. Together, they've joined forces, with Jillian as their spokesperson, and formed a tight support group who went public with press conferences and the determination to get the public riled up enough to make a difference. They became activists and actually helped the police catch Eddie Como.
One year later, Eddie Como is about to stand trial for his crimes. The hired gun who took him out at the courthouse seems to have made a clean getaway. Or has he? Just a few blocks away, this hired gun is also blown away.

The lead investigator is Detective Sergeant Roan Griffin of the Rhode Island State PD. His first day back on the job after an 18-month "mental leave" and this is what he's faced with. He teams up with Detective "Fitz" Fitzpatrick of the Providence PD. Fitz was the lead investigator on the original College Hill case. He's "a detective from the old school. Ate doughnuts for breakfast and informants for lunch." Another girl has been killed and, according to the police, DNA evidence points to only one man: the late Eddie Como!

An excellent mystery with very real and authentic characters. The story twists and turns, keeping you on your toes until the grand finale. The best characters are the three women of The Survivors Club. They're not your typical victims, but strong-willed, determined women who never stop until they've reached their goals. But what exactly is their goal? Read The Survivors Club and find out.

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