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The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Celia Thomson
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Jan 11, 16

it was ok
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The only reason why I even got the drive to read the three books was solely out of pure curiosity and the fact that I watch the show. I didn't start out with any high expectations, but even then it all fell short of what I was hoping for.

A good portion of the first book consisted of Chloe dying, discovering her new abilities, and being extremely hormonal and deciding to toy with two guys at once(in that order). Sadly that last part was the only one of the three that kept me even a little interested.

The second book picked up with Chloe learning about her Mai-ness and meeting her new Mai family while being isolated from her mother and friends (did I mention how much I disliked Amy?) The only true action is when she's running from The Order.

I can't even talk about the third book because I got so bored with it that I ended up skipping parts and most likely accidently skipped the important Mai details I was actually looking forward to.

Now let's be honest here, while the Mai plot seemed important when convinient, the series as a whole was, of course, about the love triangle.

Aleyc (I do hope I spelled his name right) was the hot, popular guy at Chloe's school who (suprise, suprise) turned out to be a Mai like her. While I do love his tv-show persona (Alek), this Aleyc was slighlty self-centered and (as Chloe and Paul described him) not the brightest crayon in the box. However, his scenes with Chloe were fun and light-hearted and actually enjoyable. But of course, the guy was doomed by the start of book 2 when everyone's favorite human said the of joyable 'L' word (got to love them soulmates).

Brian Rezza is (who we thought) just your average joe who likes to knit and go to zoos (in the words of Amy, 'gay'). But by the end of the first book we find out that he is the son of the man dead set on killing Chloe and was also sent by the order to befriend her and then help kill her. So OF COURSE he fell in love with her. I mean why wouldn't he? With the two-semi dates they went on he got to find out Chloe is funny and nice and perfect (ha, really I'm being sarcastic). To be quit honest, I actually kind of liked them in the begining of the first book but that was until Brian HAD to fall in love with her and tell her that. Sorry Bri, you and I ended as soon as that happened.

I saw no signs of him falling in love with her or any reason as to why he would (Chloe isn't the most amazing individual). And to think of it, I don't think Chloe loved him. Ever. She only started showing any interest that wasn't sexual when she found out she could kiss him. She was into the 'wanting what she couldn't have' thing and then being misguided by the convenience of getting to actually physically be with him. I'm sure if the story continued after book 3 she would have stopped and said, 'wow Brian is really boring. Where's that sexy Aleyc guy that I dumped and who is now dating my bestfriend?'

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