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The Dragon's Eye by Kaza Kingsley
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Mar 27, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, young-adult
Recommended for: Everyone
Read in March, 2012

Kaza is a wonderful new writer who has provided us with her own world of magic and fantasy for young adult readers. This and her second book Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness are the first entries in the Erec Rex series. The third is due out in October (2008) and she is actively writing more in the series.

I strongly recommend both of these books for young and old readers alike and everyone in between. Kaza is a remarkable woman with a vivid imagination who juggles parental duties over four younger children with her love of writing. The Erec Rex series is no Harry Potter wannabe and improves on the genre considerably. I have always had problems with Harry's tendency toward lying and while it may be in character, I am not happy that he has become such a hero for kids in their formative years. Harry's lies never seem to catch up to him and that has always been a problem for me.

Erec, on the other hand, believes in honesty and is bothered when information he would like to know (well, more like answers to some of his life's puzzles) is withheld. When he is told to lie, he doesn't like it and does it only out of necessity (and on strong advice of adults around him). This isn't to say that Erec is a perfect child (he isn't), but he tries to do what he believes is right. Yes, Harry does what he believes is right, too, but the lack of ethics where it comes to being fully honest and truthful is a dangerous flaw in the Harry Potter series.

While this first story had some predictability, it also had some interesting twists, making it a fun read. (I completed it in about seven or eight hours.) At the end of this first story, Erec is told that he must go on 12 quests, which has a tie-in to the Hercules legend. But again, I need to stress that Erec is his own person.

The only complaint that I have about this novel is that some of the descriptions are not sufficiently clear to paint a scene picture (they were a bit on the confusing side), which can be attributed to this being Kaza's first novel. Her next book, The Monsters of Otherness, doesn't have that problem.

I recently picked this up in its Kindle format after Simon and Shuster picked up Kaza's work. Any of the problems associated with the original print version are gone. I found the story wonderfully compelling from beginning to end. It has been a number of years since I read it in its original form and for me, this was a wonder change. It stood up well in the reread and pulled my previous rating of four stars to five.

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