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Deceived by the Others by Jess Haines
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Jul 23, 11

Read in June, 2011

Can I just say BRAVO!

Haines had me eating out of her hand in this book – I was engrossed in Shia’s emotions throughout the whole book. It took me a day to come back to reality and I’m still not over it 100%.

Haines has given us Shia – a Private investigator that reluctantly gets wrapped up in the world of the Others. In Hunted by the Others (Book 1) Shia is forced in to the others as she’s being ‘hunted’ and she wants nothing to do with them – she just recently dumped her boyfriend when she found out he was a Were. In Taken by the Others (Book 2) Shia struggles with her relationship with the Others including her on/off boyfriend Chaz (the Were), and is ‘taken’ against her will. All the while, as I’m usually furry-friendly, I can’t help rooting for the Vamp in this series. Haines gives me Alex Royce – I’m immediately connected to him – I don’t know how Haines does it, but she did!
After finishing Taken – I only hope for more of Royce – so imagine my shock as we start Book 3 – Deceived by the Others – and Shia is working things out with Chaz…….

But some how Haines gets me pulling for Chaz – I’m so wrapped up in Shia’s emotions and I’m riding along as she battles some one out to kill them. And then, just as Shia – I’m completely smacked in the face – I couldn’t believe it – and I couldn’t put the book down to stop. I had to finish – started it that night and didn’t go to bed until I was done! Finally, I’m dying for the next book – I have to know where she’s going. Haines is giving Shia the tough girl attitude and now I want to see where it leads her. Let alone all the drama that is yet to come.

So I say again – BRAVO Jess Haines – keep H&W Investigations in business and give us book 4 :)

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