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The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
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Jul 23, 11

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If you were transported to mid-19th century with your current reading tastes, most of you would love Alexandre Dumas. Like thrillers? Dumas is your man. He can manipulate several story lines, keep you guessing and draw up tension and action better than anyone born before 1900 and better than most born since. Like historical fiction? This 1844 book is set in 1625-28 France and mixes true events and real characters with Dumas' own creations. To say I'm impressed with this Dumas after two books now is a huge understatement. Throw away any stereotypes you might have for stuffy classic authors. Dumas' writing is exciting, with clear sentences, not overly verbose and always pushing you ahead. His plots are superb. His characters are rich. The first impression D'Artagnan (who is actually principal protagonist, not the three musketeers themselves) makes on the reader is of an obnoxious over-zealous punk, but he becomes a mature, responsible, flawed but very admirable hero. The three musketeers (Athos, Porthos and Aramis) are based off real people and vividly drawn, as are many other characters. While you try to decide who is good and who is evil, it won't end up how you figured as Dumas peels off one layer at a time. What will be clear is that the woman known as Milady De Winter is possibly the most psychotic, evil female character in literature. From the way she uses her sexuality to use everyone through her animalistic fury when cornered, she is a legendary character. This is an easy five-star book, long but absolutely never boring. The best part? It's the first of a series, and I'm on board for more of this great author and excellent story!

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