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The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
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Oct 13, 2011

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"This is the second novel by Sarah Addison Allen and though it is good as a novel on its own, relative to the debut novel it seems to not have the stronger sense of magic. This is probably due to the fact that Allen tried to make this a dark novel or a lighter version of a dark novel for there are some very diverse transgressions happening per se sexual sins coming to light per se polygamy and adultery. However, this novel was still attempted as a good novel with wholesome views in the very end. This major clash is probably the deciding factor on why the novel isn't up to par with the debut novel.

The story revolves around the main character Josey Cirrini and the events and outcomes of her life thus far. The main story is a little off topic from being direct since I think there was supposed to be a directness to Josey's father Marco who in which is probably the second main character in the story though dead and only brought up through the history and memory of the town of Bald Slope. Because of this constant linking of the past to the present, the story can be somewhat jumpy but still good enough to read and not schizo like ""Choke"" by Chuck Palahniuk or any other novel like that.

Finally, the characters are one-dimensional which fits the story for their role but it makes this complex story seem a little unfleshed out. We really don't learn much about any of the characters except some little bits of each character in certain chapters but the depth of the character is evidently lacking. All ina all a good book to be reading and everyone can take a relaxer from their best work. This book is a guaranteed library rental but a purchase is a matter of one's personal preference."

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