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The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
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Jul 22, 2011

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FIRST TIME READING: I absolutely loved this book. It's true that he says a lot of controversial things, but it's very thought-provoking. It caused me to take a long hard look at my spirituality. For a long time I felt like I didn't measure up to God's expectations and I was constantly frustrated because I never felt like I was good enough. Now I know I'm not good enough -- and it's okay! I am loved anyway. :) Brennan Manning does a beautiful job illuminating God's love.

SECOND TIME READING: This is my second time reading this book. The first time around, I gave it 5 stars and a positively gushing review. This time, I just don't know. Spiritually and emotionally, I'm in a much different place than I was a few years ago. Maybe that has something to do with it. I had a hard time getting through it, and found myself getting more and more frustrated and confused. Someone recommended that I read this book because I am having self-perception issues, but I feel like the book just made it worse. If I had to sum up the message of this book, I think it would pretty much be, "You are a piece of crap, but luckily for you, God loves you anyway." I also think he puts some statements in there just for shock value, like saying that prostitutes are more welcome in Heaven than Christians are because prostitutes are more aware of their sins, or something to that effect. I don't know, maybe the problem is me, but I just didn't "get it."
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Vincent Chin perhaps your heart has grown hard? Maybe you are no longer standing with the ragamuffins but with the others at the other side of the river? :)

Amanda I teach at a Title-I school with kids who can barely write their own names, and my part-time job is for Hands Up for Homeless. I stand with ragamuffins every day and I love them. My problem is with my perception of MYSELF, not them.

Vincent wrote: "perhaps your heart has grown hard? Maybe you are no longer standing with the ragamuffins but with the others at the other side of the river? :)"

message 3: by Booklover74 (new) - added it

Booklover74 I wonder if what he meant by prostitutes being more welcome in heaven than Christians is the sad fact that Christians can be a judgemental group. Sometimes you have to walk in a sinners stilletos to grasp the heavy reality of sin. I'm not saying to go stand on a street corner, but there are many times I've witnessed a Christian judging someone for a sin they deem dirtier than their own.

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