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She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
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Aug 14, 2011

did not like it

** spoiler alert ** I read this awhile ago and loved it, but the more I think about this book the more bothered I become. The characters were not well developed. Dolores is not a good representation of a young female struggling with weight. The men in the story are caricatures. There are so many problems with this book. The authenticity that is supposed to exist in his character voice is not really there. It seemed more like an experiement in how much he could torture one character.

It has taken me awhile to actually reflect on this and realize that it was not good. There is also the minor detail that I was forcing myself to enjoy it, because a friend told me that I should. Not wantint to disappoint her, I worked really hard to overlook all of the things I hated about the book. Normally this is something I try to avoid. If I don't like something, I try to be up front about that. Unfortunately, I let myself slip this time.

This book was not a waste of time. Not at all, but it was more of a wake up call to see just how men view women. Wally Lamb seems to think that a woman who is overweight will automatically be vulnerable, stupid, and will (most absurdly) identify with a damn whale. Thank you, but no. Dolores was overweight, this is true, but clearly Wally Lamb has never tried to look into weight to height ratio for women. He portrays 257 pound Dolores like she is a 400 or 500 pound woman. At 257 pounds, she would not have trouble fitting into a car. What a ridiculous idea! I've known people who are much heavier than Dolores and they did not have trouble fitting into a car.

Finally, none of the characters are likeable and have absolutely nothing redeeming about them. I could careless what horrible things they go through, because they are horrible people. End of story.

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