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Friday I'm In Love by Bran Mydwynter
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Story Prompt:
I keep seeing this man by my doorstep every night: Apparently, he's the same man who my younger brother had a short fling with when he traveled around Europe two summers ago with friends to celebrate their college graduation. And now he's here. The first night, my brother ignored him, but he keeps showing up. First it was with a guitar and a love song, but the neighbors hated that and had their dogs chase him down the streets. The second night, he just stood under the windows looking pitiful while holding a bouquet of roses. For tonight...well, I see him trying to climb up the fire escape to my brother's room. To be fair, I did ask him if he wanted to just go up the stairs like any normal person while my brother is still out, but he said that this was just one of love's trials and he would find a way himself. Crazy person. And how did he know where we live anyway? Should I call the police or let this be and watch how it unfolds? I mean, this could be a crazy killer instead of an obsessive lover, not that either seem to be very good options.


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