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Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
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Jun 22, 12

it was amazing
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Read from June 02 to 06, 2012

She was still who she was, after all. A junkie, a liar, someone who didn't know how to have a relationship, someone who really didn't deserve whatever happiness she managed to find. Someone terrified she'd do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, terrified that she was going to fuck this up like she did everything else.

Chasing Magic is the fifth installment and thankfully not the last in the dark, gritty series Downside Ghosts. I say this every time so I'll just say it again, this is my most favorite book in the series. I was on an emotional roller coaster for most of this book, and that's how I prefer my favorite reads. I've always been a huge Chess fan & a Terrible Fangirl yet upon completion of Chasing Magic I'm not sure I've ever loved Chess & Terrible together more than I do now. There's a reason why this is my most favorite urban fantasy series out there, and it's because the exceedingly great world building and my adoration for her characters Chess & Terrible that Stacia Kane has captivated me with. 

She wasn't going to lie and she wasn't going to try to hide Terrible or who he was. She loved him and he was hers, and that made her so proud her chest hurt, and if anybody didn't like it they could go fuck themselves.

First off let me start by saying this was the most graphic book of them all and I'm not talking F bombs and sex because well those go par for the course, I'm talking about the Zombie like possessed people. Several times I felt stomach was doing somersaults because of the fine attention Stacia Kane paid to detail, that's one of her best attributes yet it's the downfall to someone like myself with a weak stomach. LOL. This book starts off with another task for poor Chess working overtime for Bump in the hopes of discovering the dirty witch behind these brutal zombie like killers, which simultaneously working her full time position as a Church Witch. 

They might have taken their chances with the church, but no way would they do that with Bump. Fucking with Bump meant fucking with Terrible, and the only people who did that had death wishes even more serious than Chess's. If that were possible.

Lex has been a character that I have enjoyed his spiteful yet sometimes charming nature, while never wanting him to be more than a friend to Chess period.

"Always got such cheap beer, you do. Why you ain't buy better?" 
"Because I want to piss you off, that's why."

I've tolerated his jealousy driven digs atTerrible and his shallow attempts to steal Chess away from Terrible because I've never once saw him as a contender of her heart, ever. Therefore as ruthless as I've always known him to be, I've always appreciated his friendship in Chess's life until Chasing Magic. I'm still unsure what to think of Lex's behavior because I know he made his horrendous decision based on pure business but a part of me feels it was motivated by his envy of Terrible & Chess's relationship. With that being said his actions alone has caused me to loose respect for him, and while I dislike him at the moment fiercely, I also feel a bit sorry for him. However, as much as a protector he has once again proven to be for Chess in this installment he has also proven to be a cunning and shrewd businessman that cannot be trusted and I'm angry with him.

Oh, who was she kidding? Pretty much all of her was sneaky and selfish, but it was still just a small part of her that wondered.

Chess breaks my heart a little bit more with each installment of this series with her self loathing and destructive behavior. Sometimes I just want to reach out and give her a hug so she knows that she is loved. What I love most of Chess is what unfortunately most people that dislike about her; I adore that she is flawed. I revel in the fact that she's a drug addict. There I said it! That's my favorite part about her. Though I can't relate to her drug issues I can relate to her inner struggles and flaws. I like that she's insecure, and unstable at times, it makes her real. That to me is why I find Stacia Kane so incredibly brilliant when she created a heroine, with an addiction, insecurity issues, morality issues, trust issues, self loathing issues and sometimes selfishness because whether people admit their struggles or not,privately we've all been there before! However in Chasing Magic it almost seems like Chess has gone to the far edge with her inner suffering but I see a light in her tunnel and thankfully it's not instant, and I don't want Chess sober so quickly because if anyone has any knowledge of drug addicts and sexual abuse victims their problems are most definitely not solved overnight. With that being said I'm much more forgiving of Chess's bad behavior than maybe I should be but I just can't seem to be angry with Chess for long. And LOVE can conquer a lot of things but it's not going to cure an addiction to substance abuse or low self esteem because if that were the case we would have less teen moms. So on that note, Chess Putnam is real, and real awesome and that's why I love her story. 

"Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So......ain't even can breathe sometimes."

Oh My Terrible, what can I say but he's simply captured my heart once again for the fifth time. It's like with each installment I renew my lustful vows with *cough* Terrible. He's badass, he has a temper and will beat you to a pulp without even another thought if you cause a disturbance in his territory, yet with Chess he's extraordinarily tender hearted with her. I'm so used to seeing Chess so overwhelmingly vulnerable but this time Terrible took the vulnerable role and though it terrified me watching him open his heart and expose it, I melted and swooned and cried and upon completion of Chasing Magic. I feel as if Terrible has destroyed me for RL men because I have yet to meet a man that possesses all the extraordinary features that Terrible does; he's compassionate, loving, giving, respectful, chivalrous, selfless, ALPHA-LICIOUS, a WARRIOR in the bedroom and BEAST in a street fight. I'd like  to share one of my most precious quotes I've ever read in a book thus far and I'll admit I got a bit teary eyed just reading this tugged at my heart-strings deeply.  

"What you saw that night---it's so much worse, it's all like that. It's so--it's so cold and empty, it scares me, the thought of you being there forever--it's not supposed to scare me, it's my job and I'm supposed to think its peaceful but I can't. I don't, it's---

"Hey." His big hands curved around her face, his fingers catching her pulled-back her hair and tilting her cheeks up so her eyes met his. "Ain't so bad, Chessie, causen you ain't be alone, dig? You ain't go there on your alones. An I figuring, I end up there maybe you come down to see me. You can do that, bein a witch an all, aye? "

"What? I mean, yeah, I'd come down to--of course, but---"
"An that's the only one that matters, dig. Can deal with it on my alones, baby, causen you visit me. But the other way....you thinkin I let you stay there by yourself? Thinkin I stay there iffen you ain't around no more?"

Towards the end of the book I was distraught while reading a fight between Terrible and an enemy. Like I said above earlier; Terrible is a BEAST in a street fight, however he is human and I actually had to stop to take a breather while reading it because Stacia Kane has such a prolific way with words that led my heart to race and clutch my iPad in fear for his safety. Ultimately with Kane's vivid & detailed battle amongst two strong men unwilling to succumb to death, I'll admit I was worried sick. This book took me on a journey through happiness, sadness, tears, elation, anger, and pride and yet I'm always left wanting more. 

Chasing Magic is a book you'll want to be reading the day it releases. I recommend this book for fans of Downside, Chess, Terrible *SWOON*, dark & gritty Urban Fantasy, and passionate love stories involving two dark horses you just want to put your money in on.

"Don't want to. An even if I did, ain't leave you down there on your alones. How can I do that one, aye? Leave my Chessiebomb there without me. 'Specially knowin you scared on it."

I'm not sure if I should kiss Stacia Kane for creating such an amazingly wonderful story or Netgalley for providing me with it early?

She wasn't going to lie and she wasn't going to try to hide Terrible or who he was. She loved him and he was hers, and that made her so proud her chest hurt, and if anybody didn't like it they could go fuck themselves.

ARC provided by Netgalley

My review is posted here: http://missvainsparanormalfantasy.com...
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Aly is so frigging bored I was sure you read this one..

MISS VAIN Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "I was sure you read this one.."

I didn't read it right away because I know the wait for the next one is going to be a long ways away and this one barely comes out this month. I was saving it!;)

Marsha Miss Vain:
Take your hands off of my man!!!!!!!!!!! Terrible is mine. I have a terrible ache (LOL)

MISS VAIN LOL!!! Marsha I will fight for my Terrible. Hehe

Marsha You cannot have Christian and Terrible. Choose or die!

Marsha Okay Miss Vain, thanks for the tease. I am already sitting on pins and needles waiting for Once Burned and Chasing Magic. Seriously, I need a fix (LOL). Hey, I discovered you live in Fresno and I live in Fowler. It truly is a small world.

MISS VAIN Marsha wrote: "You cannot have Christian and Terrible. Choose or die!"


MISS VAIN Marsha wrote: "Okay Miss Vain, thanks for the tease. I am already sitting on pins and needles waiting for Once Burned and Chasing Magic. Seriously, I need a fix (LOL). Hey, I discovered you live in Fresno and I l..."

NO WAY!!!! I cannot believe that!!! That's so crazy!!!! What a small world!!!!! My grandfather and other family members on my dads side of the family are buried in Fowler, and one of my really good friends lives in Folwer. Are you familiar with the Simmonians?? I can't believe that you live like 15-20 minutes away from me....that's crazy!!! ;)

Marsha I moved here 5 years ago to take care of my parents; so, I do not know a lot of people. However, my father buys his insurance from the Simonians. Also, I have two uncles here and cousins and they know everybody (smile).

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