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Delirium by Lauren Oliver
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Sep 06, 11

did not like it
Read from July 22 to September 06, 2011

I loved Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall. So much so that I (STUPIDLY) lent it to a friend, who I haven't seen since. But Delirium was another story. After having it in my shelves for a couple weeks, I decided, Hey, Lauren Oliver, beach, great weekend. And it was, or started out to be. The beginning was ok, I kept reading. I found it faintly interesting. Then, enter Love Interest. Ooh! Excitement. I liked that part and continued to read. I left the beach, came home, and after a couple days and a couple more chapters I couldn't read anymore of Delirium. It has been sitting peacefully on my windowsill ever since I put it there with disgust, anger, pissed offness...(who knows, some sort of bad stop reading feeling) a month ago. My biggest issue was with the romance. Alex is wonderful, beautiful, amazing, smart, reads poetry. WHAT THE HELL. What teenage boy is all of those, let alone what teenage boy then falls in love with a plain (hey, she describes herself as plain), seemingly uninteresting (he wouldn't know she was interesting, she doesn't exactly say much when they first meet), and rule abiding girl (when he doesn't follow the laws)? And then to top it off, what teenage boy wouldn't be a little more forceful in the so, we're alone, in a bedroom, in the woods, and I've read poetry to you, aren't you in the mood for a little more than chaste kissing? (Don't get me wrong, I liked that Alex didn't force her into things but it just wasn't believable, especially because he is perfect in every other way.) So after getting pissed off at Lauren Oliver for just rubbing it in my face that I don't have a wonderful guy like that in my life, I got bored and started skimming ahead which is recipe for disaster. I skimmed, skim skim skim, ooh disturbing stuff coming up...you know, I'll just put this down and start reading again once I'm ready to not skim...and I never picked it up again I just was too fed up with the gag worthy completely untrue to life romance and tragiiiiiiic (slight mean spirited sarcasm there...I apologize, but they are tragic actually, I just don't care about them anymore) events.

What I do like about Lena and Lauren Oliver's choice of character is that she's brainwashed by this society in the beginning and it takes time for her to change. However, that said, even though that is different from other dystopian novels where the heroine starts the book wanting change, it made for a slow, annoying, WHY CAN'T YOU SEE HOW F*CKED UP YOUR WORLD IS? read. So kudos for thinking outside the dystopian box...but I take away those kudos because you shouldn't make me wish that the protagonist is Lena's best friend. (Hana, beautiful, has a great house, but is rebelling against the society more readily than Lena, hello parties out at deserted manor houses with bands and boys and beer.)

And now for the conclusion. I don't really think it's my place to recommend this book, or to discourage you from reading it, (especially because I've heard the end is one of the best most suspenseful parts) but I will warn you. If you don't like plain, slow to catch on, love obsessed heroines (it was slightly funny at some points though, I will give her that), or perfect, wonderful, amazing, I'm not flawed at all but I love you for all of your flaws love interests, than don't read it. No matter how much you loved Lauren Oliver in Before I Fall. I'd even RECOMMEND that you don't read it then so that this book and the rest in the series (WHY LAUREN OLIVER WHY) don't rain on your Lauren Oliver is awesome parade.


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