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It's Always Been You by Victoria Dahl
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2.0% "Aidan folded the letter from his brother and halfheartedly cursed the day he'd met Katie Tremont. Given the choice, he could not say with any honesty whether he'd take back the joy of having loved her just to have peace. He probably would. A few months of tortured happiness were not worth years spent grieving, not unless one had an ambition to take up poetry."
20.0% ""But Katie Tremont is not just some jaded, bored wife. She is the woman you used to love. And she's the woman who never once contacted you in the past decade.

"I'm well aware of that. You needn't fear for my heart, brother. It's no longer tender. I've spent years banging it against other women's backs, as you kindly point out."

36.0% ""I sent letters," she whispered. "But of course you never got them. Even then, I didn't think you did."

His hand touched her again, smoothing over her cheek. "Don't cry, Kate. Please."

Was she crying?

"I came for you," he whispered urgently. His arms curved around her. He pulled her into his arms and moved them towards the shadows of an alley. "I came for you. I swear I did."

Oh, that would hurt.

74.0% ""I was entertainment for them," he said. "And they were a distraction for me. I offered nothing except the use of my body for a short time. I never seduced, never promised. But, of course, my reputation precedes me." His mouth twisted around the words. "I am a purebred stud. Unbroken. Spirited. Highly recommended for my gait if not my temperament."



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