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A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott
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Jul 22, 2011

did not like it
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Having just completed an epic fantasy series I have spent the past 3 hours trolling Goodreads to find a new series to sink my teeth into. That's right - 3 hours of going though the lists, reading the reviews and deciding if I felt like sticking with the historical/magical fantasy adventures or dipping back into the vampire genre of which there is a disgustingly high amount of seriously crappy reads that upset my inner hippy when I think about all the poor trees who gave their lives in the process. There were many, many books that offered plots far more interesting to me at this moment however, the amount of excellent reviews for this book caught my eye and thus, I began the search for an ebook version.

Admittedly I have only read the first 15 pages, but I am dumbfounded, so much so that I have actually written a review (of the 200+ books I have read since I was lucky enough to come across Goodreads I think I may have possibly written 1 or 2 and they were nice ones)

Issue 1 - The mention of McDonalds. Really..3 mentions in the first 10 pages- are you being paid for these mentions Ms Scott? or is this a diabolical plot that, in the hopes that some mickyD honcho will read your book and offer you free cheeseburgers for life?

Issue 2 - The cab driver, you jump in a cab and they agree to drop you somewhere for $20 then, when you're 10 minutes from the location they dump you out on the side of the road AT NIGHT, offer no real explanation, won't even get out and get your bag from the trunk then ask for $30 instead of the aforementioned $20 ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I'm from Australia, we are a laid back people but come on, do this to me and I will likely swear my head off at you, refuse payment, kick the side of your car door in then run like hell, hide in the bushes and hope to god you don't go American Psycho on me, but no, not our MC she just thinks to herself "well there's no point arguing" here mister, take my $30 even though I'm meant to be broke and working as a servant to scrape together enough money to pay my bills whilst studying. No, just no.

Issue 3 - Amber is meant to be a house keeper, WHY then would one of the occupants of the house whom she is there to serve 1.carry her bag for her and 2. tell Amber that because she must be tired, occupant/bosslady will serve her dinner in her room in 30 minutes?? huh?? again housekeeper no, but then little Amber has an internal sook about her ex, jumps in the shower then goes straight to sleep in the nude......yeh ok....

Issue 4 - Edward Cullen anyone??? really, what self respecting denizen of the night would lower themselves to to watch a girl sleep? Ok so she was nude but still.....

Issue 5 - some random old lady shows up, makes her breakfast, tells her not to bother cleaning up (helloooo did I mention that she is meant to be the housekeeper)as they have a dishwasher which, incidentally smells like lemons....offers no information helpful to her job then "mysteriously" mentions weirdos who hang around the front gates and stare at her..but she calls said weirdos are the house owners "friends" I don't make my friends hang out at my front gate (although I must admit it does appeal for some of them) then she takes off with a parting "if you need me, you know where to find me" hell, maybe my book is missing a page or two because at no point during this conversation did the random old lady say what her job capacity was OR where she lived/worked/housed her many cats and knitting. Also, I cant help but mention the part of the conversation where Amber says she needs to call her brother and random old lady's reply is "oh you have family that live around here, how nice"...... I spoke to my brother on the phone yesterday, he lives 3000km away...why does random old lady assume he lives nearby?

Issue 4 - Here's the real reason I felt the need to spend the last 20 minutes writing this...her bother calls, first she has a picture of him in a diaper as her called ID picture - really, a diaper, if i saw either of my brothers in a diaper I would go to my nearest surgeon and request an immediate eyeball transplant. Said diaper clad brother then suggests Amber should go into the woods, break into someones hut and make off with their loot. now, I don't know about you but I have to say that this confuses me deeply, particularly when she seemingly agrees to it and her only concern about the whole event would be that her ex boyfriend can then add "deception" to the list of reasons why they cant take their relationship to the next I think the number one reason of abject stupidity would make all other reasons entirely superfluous. Stupid, diaper clad brother then somehow, suddenly arrives in the house with her - no knocking at the door, no one shows him in, he just appears in the kitchen...

This all happens in the first 14 pages and annoyed me enough that I stopped reading and came back to Goodreads to register my annoyance. but, being the sucker for punishment that I am, I feel it almost necessary to finish this book - If I could struggle and force my way through 3 of those awful house of night books then I can, by god finish the words of the disgraced former Californian governor - I'll be back...
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Cynthia Ugh. The second book is just as unbelievable! I'm still amazed how everyone has given this series 4 and 5 stars!

Sara-lou Bookham I agree completely with your review! From the taxi ride to the brother suddenly turning up with a ludicrous idea to the soul mates for no reason! I just found it all so awful I am pondering about whether to carry on & see if it gets better as I feel I shouldn't write review until I've given the whole story a go although really... Do I want to.. Lol

message 3: by Kassandra (new)

Kassandra Did you end up finishing the book? I'm curious if it gets better or can possibly go any lower.

message 4: by Shay (new) - rated it 1 star

Shay Symone As much as I hate this book, I'd like to spoil it and say that Amber isn't a housekeeper but you shouldn't go farther than you have. Amber gets worse

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