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The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind
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I got this one, because so many of my friends are all "Oh my god! Terry Goodkind's an awesome writer!" Well, after not enjoying the first Sword of Truth book, I thought I'd go for one of his stand alones. After getting to my "have to get to 25% before giving up on the book" level, survey says: Still don't like him. **shrugs** Win some, you lose some.

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1.0% "First chapter down and... not hooked yet. Narrator isn't bad, so I'm guessing it's the actual story. Goodkind, we GET that she's pretty. Get over it. // So, we have one ice princess and one stalker chick. Nice. // Creepy ice princess. // Basically, people only want to buy "Arte" and not things they can TELL what it is."
7.0% "Crazyboy and crazyoldman basically the characters we're supposed to be interested in are crazy? // "Who would keep something bricked up in their basement?" uhh lots of people?? // OOooh.. "something with the seven" ... **sighs** // So, this conservation group is the Big Bad? With all of the options set before him about this land, the only real use it is to him is through selling it. 4-7%"
10.0% ""It doesn't make proper sense." Uhh... what doesn't make sense? Boy got land; so what? 7% // Conversation with Ben then conversation with mom.. all a bunch of OOooh spooky without it actually being creepy. About the only thing creepy in this book is Bethany. 9% // Okay, now the way the gallery owner is acting IS weird. Not *quite* creepy, but certainly weird. 10%"
16.0% "You really go for the crazy girls, eh? First stalker chick and now prophecy girl? 15% // "A few days ago..." Goodkind, you have NO idea how to put timing in this, do you? You keep referencing that time's passed, but the way your story is going, it seems like it's all happening in the same day. 15% // You're trying to build suspense and creepy, but really? all you're building is irritation. 16%"
18.0% "DUDE, GET TO THE POINT! Or at least, the plot. // Magic and technology is the same thing. WOW what a new concept. And, no, I wouldn't be irritated with this reuse of an old theme, if there was anything I actually LIKED about this book. // "I have no reason to believe you, you're acting and talking as if you're crazy, but your EYES make me believe you." many OTHER cliches are we going to be subjected to? 18%"
22.0% "I feel guilty for having pretty much no reaction to this death. 22% // You're putting all of this talk about other dimensions and stuff in, and while it's fascinating in other books, THIS is just delaying the plot EVEN MORE. And, this "Jax is so awesome" feeling after MAYBE a few hours of meeting her? Not so believable."
25.0% "This book is becoming "blahblahblah" instead of even another person's voice talking to me. It's like I couldn't care less of what's being said. 23% // Well. That was unexpected. Except, yaknow, not. 23% // And now, a rape scene. Because the book wasn't a waste of paper enough. 24% // Aaaand... I'm done. Enough of this."

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