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Fateful Triangle by Noam Chomsky
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Jul 07, 12

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Read from June 17 to July 07, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1


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Reading Progress

06/17/2012 page 36
7.0% "'For some time, I've been compelled to arrange speaking engagements long in advance. Sometimes a title is requested for a talk scheduled several years ahead. There is, I've found, one title that always works: "The current crisis in the Middle East." One can't predict exactly what the crisis will be far down the road, but that there will be one is a fairly safe prediction.'"
06/18/2012 page 95
17.0% "'As the invasion of Lebanon proceeded, the list of those who were deliberately falsifying the facts to place Israel in a less than favorable light grew quite long, including the European press and much of the American press and television, the International Red Cross and other relief agencies [...] virtually everyone except spokesmen for the Israeli government and selected Americans returning from guided tours.'"
06/23/2012 page 140
26.0% "'The terms "terrorism" and "reprisal," as noted earlier, are to a considerable extent terms of propaganda, not description.'"
06/24/2012 page 181
33.0% "'There is no such thing as an enlightened occupation, there cannot be a liberal military administration.'"
06/25/2012 page 193
35.0% "'The categories of "terrorism" and "reprisal" are more ideological than descriptive.'"
06/26/2012 page 224
41.0% "'There is no better way to pulverize political opposition and to silence recalcitrant colleagues than to initiate short, victorious wars against weak neighboring armies.'"
06/28/2012 page 263
48.0% "'It is a curious feature of the contemporary intellectual scene in the U.S. that former Trotskyites are now commonly described as having fought the good fight against totalitarian oppression.'"
06/30/2012 page 329
60.0% "'Mr. Reagan! Mr. Reagan! Look what we have found! A little boy with two hands! A perfect child! A real sweetie! He's like new!'"
07/02/2012 page 375
69.0% "'The American Government has been financing the very policies it denounces with such consistency that one doesn't have to be an Arab to wonder if the denunciations are sincere.'"
07/03/2012 page 409
75.0% "'It is always a useful device, when in difficult straits, to concoct an opponent who can be refuted easily, as when critics of orthodox ideological distortions are "refuted" on the pretense that they are pro-Communist, or when opponents of a strategic weapons build-up are dismissed with arguments against unilateral disarmament.'"
07/04/2012 page 441
81.0% "'It is, in fact, another striking testimony to American racism on this issue that it is Israel, not the Palestinians, that is considered to be facing a security problem that must somehow be overcome.'"
07/05/2012 page 473
87.0% "'The United States, Israel and the Palestinians—three national entities so disparate in power that it seems absurd to link them in a single phrase.'"

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