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In Honor by Jessi Kirby
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Jul 21, 2011

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Read in June, 2012

I fully expected to fall head over heels for this book. I mean a road trip with a crazy destination? Two people who are trying to work out their grief with the background of southwest America? Sounds golden and it was in some aspects. But I'm sorry guys there was some stuff I couldn't ignore.

Ok so what's this book about? Honor's brother has passed away. He enlisted in the Marine Corp fresh out of high school and a year later he dies in the Iraq war. Honor is getting ready to go to the college of her dreams and try to move on. But it's going to be difficult. Her brother, Finn, was basically the person who could always make her feel safe. Their parents died in a car crash when they were really young and since then they were taken care of by their aunt. So the last link to her old life and the person who has always been there for her is gone, but he had one last request. One that was a joke really but Honor clings onto it and decides to go take on a road trip in his old Chevy Impala, from Texas to California, to fulfill his request. There is a wrinkle in her plan though, Rusty. Rusty was Finn's ex-best friend but he passes out in the car, so Honor has to bring him along. It will be interesting to say the least but also enlightening.

After that way too long synopsis (sorry about that) it sounds like it would be awesome right? Well I had some problems with it. The first is Rusty. He has this charisma and by the end of the book you know he is a good guy. But he has a drinking problem. Now I know this is the way some people deal with grief but from what I gathered he has always been a heavy drinker. While they are on the trip (if I remember correctly) he drinks every day and at various times. The issue that this is extremely unhealthy wasn't explored and I think that's not right or fair to the character. It actually appears normal in the book, and I know it's not. Then some of the transitions to different scenes didn't seem smooth. I actually felt jostled around but this may because on the road trip things can change drastically. Unfortunately there is one more thing and it happens towards the end. It's the big reveal and I can't go into it without spoiling it for others, but from the information I know it would not be very possible. Not impossible but highly unlikely. That being said I liked the spirit of the gesture.

I know it seems like I didn't like it, but there were some things that were done beautifully. I loved the places they visit, and some of the people they meet. It was nice to see Honor and Rusty share memories of Finn too. From what you hear about Finn, he is the perfect older brother and best friend. For some reason I didn't always believe the chemistry between Honor and Rusty, but I did always believe they cared about each other. I still think Kirby is great at writing, and I was invested enough to want to finish the book. One thing I do want to stress is that I am almost positive that there are other readers out there that will love this book and be able to see past the things that bothered me. Even though I didn't love it I will still read more from Jessi Kirby.

Oh and I think the cover is fabulous and fits the story perfectly.
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message 1: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Well dang it! I fully expected to fall in love with this book too. Hmmm…It’s actually next for me. Wonderful review, Cara. I’m a bit scared now. But actually in a good way. My hopes were way too high. Will let you know how it goes. :)

Cara Thanks Laura:D Don't be scared really! Like I wrote I know some people will love it more than I did. It will be interesting to see what you think;)

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