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Jul 20, 2011

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I did enjoy this. Other reviews do a very nice job of summing this story up, both in its pluses and minuses, so I won't attempt to do that here. Suffice to say that while I do recognize some (not all) of the minuses, the pluses far overrode them for me.

I did very much enjoy the men. They became very real to me, all of them, and I found myself very much wanting them to get their HEA. I come from a background of blue-collar guys, both family and growing up, and dang, but these men were like brothers to me. :D Ridiculous, sometimes, in their crude he-man banter, but oh so homey and real. And you know, for us wishful thinking gals, it is so guh to think of these badass he-boys getting all hot and mushy for each other.

It is true that the story itself approached fairy tale fantasy proportions (particularly the GFY theme), but somehow that was okay by me, it was what the story wanted to be, so I happily accepted it.

I love how the sex could be both hot and sad, sometimes at the exact same time (e.g., the porn scenes). The ending did stretch on overlong, but even that didn't bother me as much as endless epilogues usually do, as the writing was rich and a joy to bathe in.

This will seem a random comment, but it isn't in my mind -- I especially appreciated how Suede drew his women. I usually (more than often) find that female supporting characters in m/m are portrayed as overbearing, intrusive know-it-alls with poor boundaries -- which I find to be a little bit... um. Annoying. Mary Sue-ish. And sexist. Yeah. In an unintentional and back-door sort of way. Anyway. Yeah. I apologize if that ruffles anyone's feathers, but the absence of this archetype really allowed me to relax in Suede's hands. But it is ironic that Damon Suede produced among my favorite supporting women (Mrs. A, the hysterical sister, the 'dyke' photographer -- I loved them all), flawed and good-hearted and likable.

I very much enjoyed how 9/11 was used as a backdrop for the story -- not 9/11 itself, really, so much as the memories of 9/11 -- both the men's memories and the city's memories. Wonderfully done.

Um. Okay. Yeah, this one will get a reread sometime down the line.
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60.0% "I'm liking this. :) Maybe it's just my love for blue-collar men, but these guys are awesome so far, and the story is a perfect blend of angsty, ridiculous, and insightful. Having to force myself to put it down so that I don't skim it all too fast."

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I liked the women too! There really are very few m/m's I can say that about. Too often they are conspicuously absent, overly maternal (we won't go there, but that "taking care of the boys" meme winds through a lot of m/m), or darn bitchy witchy. These were easy and enjoyable. I liked the dyke photographer best, although I don't really understand her presence in the story.

message 2: by Oco (new) - added it

Oco The photographer was awesome. But yes, introducing such a strong, likable character so late was clumsy, IMO. Something I'd forgive a newbie, but it seems he's got enough credentials under his belt that he should be held to a higher standard?

Yes, it is the bossy, maternal so-called "fag-hag" best friend that annoys me. There are many permutations of it, but it is essentially the same woman, and it never fails to make me think that the author is making an appearance. I don't like this type of person in RL, and I don't like them romanticized in my fiction. I don't mind if they end up crashing and burning in fiction, but you know. That never happens. :D

I'd rather the women be absent than that.

Actually, the sister was deft. She had the potential to become that archetype and I found myself squinting at her suspiciously when she entered the scene, quizzing Griff on who he was mooning over. But it was fine. She backed off, which made her real and good in my book.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Ocotillo wrote: "Yes, it is the bossy, maternal so-called "fag-hag" best friend that annoys me. "

I keep hoping one of these will go down in flames, or even just end up horribly red faced and embarrassed, but so far I've been doomed to disappointment. :D

message 4: by Oco (new) - added it

Oco Yes, exactly. Maybe I should write it. Heh.

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