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Jul 20, 2011

really liked it

As sun comes down in the valley, bound by the Tigris and Eufrat
Submerges into dark the capital of Muslim Khalifat
The night descends on tired from the heat old city of Baghdad
Where spears of high-rising minarets reflect moon's cold yet tender light
The freshness of the breeze brings comfort and the leisure of delight
Unfolding fairy tale, being told to Shahryar by princess Scheherazade
Inspired by the need of her life saving plight
Comes up the fantasy, entailed in every one (of "Thousand And One") Arabian Night

1. Memorable 3
2. Social Relevance 1
3. Informative 3
4. Originality 5
5. Thought Provoking 3
6. Expressiveness 4
7. Entertaining 5
8. Visualization 5
9. Sparks Emotion 3
10. Life Changing (Pivotal, crucial, determining, defining, momentous, fateful, consequential, climacteric, transformational) 1

3,1,3,5,3,4,5,5,3,1 ======>> 33/10 = 3.3

Faced with the infidelity of his first wife, Shahzeman executed her and went to his brother, Shahryar to share the grief. However, his brother's wife was even more debauched than Shahzeman's wife.
Soon after that brothers met a woman who wore a necklace of 570 rings.
So many times she cheated on her husband, directly in front of him while he slept.
The brothers returned home to Shahryar's and killed his wife and concubines.
Since then, realizing that all women are profligate, Shahryar every day takes a new wife and executes her at dawn the next day. However, this terrible procedure got to its end when he marries Scheherazade - wise daughter of his vizier. Every night she tells him a compelling story and interrupts the story at the most interesting place, and then they lie down to sleep together - and the king can not refuse the temptation to hear the rest of the story. Every morning, he thinks, "the execution of her - that I can tomorrow, but tonight I want to hear the end of the story." This continues for a thousand and one nights. After that Scheherazade came to her husband with three sons, who were born during this time, "one of them walked, crawled another, and the third was sucking the breast." In the name of their sons Scheherazade asked her husband not to execute her. Shahryar said that he had already pardoned her in his mind long time, even before he has seen his and her children, because she is pure, chaste and pious.

Shahrazady tales can be divided into three main groups, which can be described as heroic tales, adventurous and cunning.
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message 1: by Richard (new) - added it

Richard The poem is interesting, Alex. Where does it come from? I like the rating system too.

Alex Richard wrote: "The poem is interesting, Alex. Where does it come from? I like the rating system too."

Thanks Richard - it's my own poetry


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