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The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer
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Jul 19, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: historical-fiction

I think this one is brilliantly fun. Heyer had such amazing pacing in her earlier works. This one has mystery elements, Robin Hood like elements, and witty dialogs. I tend to favor the young couple more so than Sarah + Tristram. I do love Sarah and Eustacie together as friends, and how silly they were about coming up with 'adventure' ideas. I know some have said that they thought Eustacie was a bit much, and I do think that at the beginning of the book she was at her most annoying. But she is a much more fun character than reading just about Sarah and Tristram all day. The stuff she comes up with in her head, so great!!

Ludovic makes me think of a Robin Hood movie with Errol Flynn, when we first meet him. I love his dialog. Heyer wrote him well. When we even first meet him in the book, he has this rich character already placed in the book. That is, definitely, a huge skill of Heyer's with her characters. She can create a character on paper, and within a few paragraphs they seem to be these rich, 3 diminutional characters, capable of many things as the stories unfold.

This one has to be one of her very funniest. Its hilarious. Especially the side characters -- Mr. Nye and what goes down with the bow street runners. Highly classic. Very very cinematically written, Heyer could have been a very excellent screen writer. The pacing is amazing, and I didn't know which way the plot would go very often. Sir Hugh is probably my hero. One of her most hilarious side characters. I dearly thought Ludovic was charming and had some of the funniest dialog.
Definitely favs
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Jenelle Awesome, you said what I was thinking myself

Louise Culmer i agree the characters are wonderful, I adore Sir Hugh

Leslie Bell This book has my all time favorite character: Abel Bundy. His philosophy about trouble is explains Ludovic's personality and his perception of cautious cousin Shield makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I read the book.

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